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  • Avatar for Punlio
    Really enjoy Asher Roth's flow. One of my favourites.
  • Avatar for animalcity23
    OMFG it's been almost a year since the last message
  • Avatar for Sharp-Ton
    Charlie Chaplin
  • Avatar for blindlama
    The Matt DiMona remix of Fast Life is fantastic. check it out:
  • Avatar for Legioona
    Fucking atrocious
  • Avatar for Sekhem
    wish i had got around to retrohash sooner
  • Avatar for NicoMZ97
    la di da <3
  • Avatar for Eric0582
    Fucking atrocious stoner rap.
  • Avatar for pex
    RetroHash <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for illFigure90
    wow retrohash is dope as hell
  • Avatar for ChubbysChicken
    Dude is great.
  • Avatar for luxa336
    great album!
  • Avatar for VerbaIGraffiti
    "Whiteboyonthebeathowsurrealisthat " lmao
  • Avatar for pex
    great new album !!!
  • Avatar for nessssa
    i can't believe how good retrohash is!
  • Avatar for joshraw
    Been excited for this, and I'm digging it. Will make a great stoned Summer album. I feel as if Chance the Rapper could have replaced Vic Mensa on 'Fast Life'
  • Avatar for bahrenfuss
    summertime aoty
  • Avatar for CircusRock
  • Avatar for wannskrk
    Best song from the new album?
  • Avatar for madboy
    'Tangerine Girl' is sooooooo good, video too
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    [New] Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl (prod Blended Babies)
  • Avatar for SlappyBag9
  • Avatar for bahrenfuss
    need that retro hash
  • Avatar for miyuukick
    need new cd
  • Avatar for sOuller
    damn those charts is a shame.
  • Avatar for harryyea
    new album releases tomorrow. hope it's good, should be considering everything he's released since 2008 has been quality
  • Avatar for carostorm
  • Avatar for joshraw
    Supatanman420 - your prayers have been answered
  • Avatar for LikeACarillon
    Rediscovering "As I Em" xx
  • Avatar for Jones_Herself
    studio album? ok sure, but he's still been releasing music. of course i wouldn't protest to more though
  • Avatar for supatanman420
  • Avatar for SlickNut
    how are pabst and jazz, seared foie gras and greenhouse 2 not the majority of top tracks? his old shit can't compare to where he's at now. weird
  • Avatar for joshraw
    Pretty fun take on 'Blurred lines'
  • Avatar for GeorgeDrucsen
    Review: [url=]Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2[/url] [8/10]
  • Avatar for gui_x
  • Avatar for YanVNP
  • Avatar for joshraw
    That Lil' Wayne feature on the new tape is embarassing
  • Avatar for coldbusanman
    actin up is definitely my ultimate favourite song
  • Avatar for King_
    GEV 2 is dope except for a few songs like Actin Up and Girlscout Cookies.
  • Avatar for BigBangTheorist
    Greenhouse Effect 2 really wasn't that good, imo. Pabst and Jazz absolutely rapes GEV 2, throws it in the back of it's van, and ties it up and throws it in the ocean.
  • Avatar for BigBangTheorist
    Is GEV Vol. 2 scrobbling for y'all? It isn't for me.
  • Avatar for sOuller
    so so, this time. P&J was just >>>>>>
  • Avatar for brokok17
    Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2
  • Avatar for ChubbysChicken
    wayne's verse on the new tape is so terribad.
  • Avatar for axelboom
    not that impressed about those guest appearances, but ash is on point like always.
  • Avatar for Lexi-Lexi
    actin up <3 [2]
  • Avatar for tweephael
    actin up <3
  • Avatar for SlappyBag9
    New tape is faptastic
  • Avatar for BigBangTheorist
    Stoked for Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2.
  • Avatar for YanVNP


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