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Name - AshMcAuliffe (Also goes by Andrew McAuliffe)
Born - Leicester, England on 11 May 1984
Current Location: Easington, County Durham, UK

Musical Style - Dark Electronica/Dark Ambient/Experimental/Industrial/Alternative Pop

Websites: http://www.facebook.com/ashmcauliffemusic


"Enter the psychological realm of "Dark City""

A musical chameleon. That's just one way to describe AshMcAuliffe. A twenty-something musician with an eclectic taste in music which crosses over into his own work. From the early guitar pop/rock & vocals through to the dark electronica of his recent work, he has pushed his sound until each sound reaches its logical, yet satisfying conclusion.

Under the watchful eye and careful guidance of engineer Seamus Heffernan, AshMcAuliffe recorded his debut album "Book of Shadows" at the Shamrock Studios between 2003 and 2006 whilst studying for his Religion & Ethics degree at the same time. Lying somewhere between Alt Rock and Pop, "Book of Shadows" is an honest testament of a young mans emotional journey from adolescence into adulthood. The album is still waiting to be released on CD but consistent downloading of the album has led to it being hailed as his strongest and best work to date.

Following a period of personal upheaval, 2007 saw the release of "The Nocturnicon" - a darker and more introspective affair than its predecessor. The album was recorded, unaided, at home over an 8 week period. The album tackles such issues as homophobia, death, rejection by family and astral travel. The albums sombre tone was not to everybody's taste but, overall, "The Nocturnicon" shows a deep growth in Ash's songwriting.

2008 was the year the guitar died. At least for AshMcAuliffe.
Gone was the pop/rock and alt-rock of the previous records and in came the electronic, experimental soundscapes and abstract musical themes of the Electro era. Over a 2 year period, 3 demo albums were recorded and released as free downloads. "The Bionic I" dealt with space and machines, "Alone In The Dark" dealt with depression and "Portal" dealt with the Occult. Although pleased with many of the results, Ash was unsure of the direction his electronica was heading in and set to work on his first electronic 'magnus opus.'


August 23rd 2010 saw the CD release of the new album "Dark City" - a deep maturation of the electronic sound explored previously. Hooks plentifully abound and the overall soundscape is dark yet highly accessible. The album has been described as "an exercise in psychology - music that inspires introspection."

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