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  • Avatar for Duhnnie
    Like it!!
  • Avatar for The8Wonder
    *Tim. ...Are users only allowed to make positive comments on LastFM? ...Oh...I've been slaughtering many a track. LOL.
  • Avatar for The8Wonder
    This is Ash's 2nd best song? No. I blame bad American college kid taste - who this was clearly marketed for. This is a nothing song. Shining Light is obviously their best, then Goldfinger. Tom Wheeler isn't the best vocalist I've ever heard though.
  • Avatar for KonigxTiger
    Just awesome!
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    love it (2)
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    love it
  • Avatar for danielbishop807
    Ash's early stuff is usually a lot better than their newer songs ... but this is an exception that proves the rule! Great song!
  • Avatar for punkrockwarlord
    the intro is identical to 'Debaser' from the Pixies. Tribute?
  • Avatar for Pusstulio
    Hace aaaños que no la oia, recontra pilas
  • Avatar for DLoCo1
    just ❤ fo this song : )
  • Avatar for rangercpt
    Makes me happy! Janet
  • Avatar for 712
    What a song!!
  • Avatar for rangercpt
    Very upbeat and positive! Like it. Janet
  • Avatar for covermachine
    great tune : )
  • Avatar for JerryZola25
    pretty good
  • Avatar for musicmankenn
    I like the video to this song also..........chick guitarist is HOT!!!!!
  • Avatar for spacematador
    sometimes this song pops into my head and i just have to stop everything and listen to it.
  • Avatar for FiCat
    Reminds me of my first boyfriend
  • Avatar for waffleprince
    i think they were right when they said never satisfied, that s right the listener
  • Avatar for breitheamhnaig
    Better to have loved and lost than never to have made some of the best records ever.Am I showing my age? "records".
  • Avatar for RAYJAY999
  • Avatar for Shazam69
    Good tune, but none of their songs post 1977 is really of any note. Sorry Ash, you had it all at your feet and blew it.
  • Avatar for cpn_crossfader
    I remember when this came out- I thought Ash were dead, and then they released this great track. Now they are dead.
  • Avatar for Zero_Stream
    Pure gold.
  • Avatar for Isab3lla
    i heard it for the first time yesterday and I love it!
  • Avatar for teapotcottage
    oohhh....yes! yes!
  • Avatar for harulove
  • Avatar for SP1984
    its sounds like a yaNKS track
  • Avatar for docktertim
    Much better than most...
    Love it soooo much.. <3
  • Avatar for corky64
    Great track....<3
  • Avatar for ninereddogs
    yep - always liked these - check out girl from mars
  • Avatar for bobbybabes
    Love punky bands, irish charm here i think.
  • Avatar for tomyg
    Great riff!
  • Avatar for Whelanmk
    shocking play count
  • Avatar for chlun
  • Avatar for Pekusia17
    great ! I love it ...
  • Avatar for theoneandonly42
    Love it!
  • Avatar for InkoiMK2
    LOVE IT !
  • Avatar for Mauromcnamara
    i love this song
  • Avatar for ihavesoldout
  • Avatar for Alltagsheld
  • Avatar for Ulfherjar
    How the heck can you mosh to this?!
  • Avatar for harpoongill
    great energy, harmony vox by Charlotte
  • Avatar for robotpwnsyou
    best song to just jump around and mosh with your friends in the back garden with a kegger
  • Avatar for monyalovesmusic
    love this song! ash are great!
  • Avatar for Schadix
    still not sick listening to this tune
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    haha, this was one of my favorites when it came out too. oh how quick I got sick of it.
  • Avatar for ayoopdog
    oh 2004 had it so good!
  • Avatar for colmc1
    absolutely fantastic


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