• Aseptic Void

    21 Oct 2013, 20:42 by Lee7513

    Davide T. is a multi-instrumentalist. Aseptic Void, his solo project, started in 2009. Psychology is very close to his music. Everything he creates is nothing but a continuous catharsis. In his compositions he uses audio samples (musical instruments and other sounds recorded live) and various electronic devices

    Aseptic Void : free listening on last FM

    2012 - Alone (4xFile, MP3, EP, Vulpiano Records)
    2012 - Slender's Woods Official Soundtrack (14xFile, MP3, Album, Aseptic Void)
    2013 - Carnal (8xFile, MP3, Album, Vulpiano Records)
    2013 - Psychosis (7xFile, Album, Cryo Chamber)