• As Tall As Lions -- Lafcadio album review

    17 Aug 2007, 18:11 by -Asterisk-

    -Asterisk-, June 28th, 2007

    What if you woke up one day and felt like listening to your local top 50 on your radio? You'll tune into a few of your favourite radio stations, and all you hear for the next few hours is Natasha Bedingfield, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Kelly Clarkson. Why is it that most musical enthusiest gravitate to the underground scene. I'm not saying that the previosly noted artists don't know how to make music,
    but the common people should try and force the underground scene into the picture, because despite most of them do get the warm critical reception, some don't get the exposure and listening time they deserve. What if it is the underground scene that will take over the mainstream scene, would that be strange? And for As Tall As Lions, they need a TON more mainstream popularity than they are given, and have all the material to achieve it.

    If you thought that The Mars Volta was over the top, ATAL is possibly ambitious as TMV, if not, more. …