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As I Lay Dying

This Is Who We Are (4:54)


  • Noooow this is whoo we areee<33
  • As I Lay Dying is the best band ever..
  • I'd rather be called weak Than die thinking I was strong.
  • AILDs best.
  • love the openin
  • Great band ! yumay
  • As i Lay Dying :D:D:D:D
  • ...this is who we are... no more to say
  • I second the piano part...it's just absolutely beautiful...the broad spectrum this song represents from hardcore to the piano part is just astounding.
  • the Piano part is amaaaaaaaaaZing !!!!
  • Not their best. I think the older stuff was better....pretty much everything before this album
  • Melhor de todas! \,,/_
  • <3 love this song.
  • nailed!!lolxx
  • xxxslicedxxxandxxxdiscedxxx
  • Great Outro!
  • excelente cancion!!! de mis favoritas!!!
  • Cool guitar...very good song....
  • ну стиль эселы как всегда выднржали)
  • Good song off of a good album.
  • great chorus \m/
  • \\m/
  • Hell yeah, this is my favourite off AOBU.
  • hehehe crystian what?lollollol,u guys hahaha
  • /,,/
  • AILDs best!
  • православно ёпт)
  • i love it. its awesome
  • самая труевая песня этого альбома \m/
  • ok this is christian metalcore but it rocks either way!
  • this is the best song of an ocean between us=], love it!
  • ok, great argument douche bag... this song is teh shit
  • Christian rock is pathetic. lolol
  • zajebisty refren \m/ - v tochku. pacanchik.
  • Singing definitely added a good balance to this song. Whoever says it killed it needs to wise up and realize that music needs highs and lows
  • zajebisty refren \m/
  • Awesome live band!
  • Cancelled ;(
  • AMAZING track
  • The vocals ruined. I'm all for harsh vocals, but Metalcore vocals are just horrible.
  • Why is this band so bad ass?
  • An ocean between us ... great album!
  • Truly amazing song, beautiful.
  • Very good song. And agreed with sukiblue!


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