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This is one of the real delights of late '60s heavy psych. The level of musicianship and high-octane energy level lift Arzachel above most records of the genre. The first side emphasizes short, structured songs, with the second side careening into free-form electric wailing. "Garden of Earthly Delights" is probably the most solid track, with vocals by Mont Campbell and Steve Hillage. Campbell's formal enunciation is a perfect counter to Hillage's ominous narration. "Azathoth" starts out as a hymn before… read more



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    Little rock history: Comprised of what was then the band Uriel, this was the earliest formation of [artist]Steve Hillage[/artist] and [artist]Dave Stewart[/artist]. Arzachel had two things which helped transition it to the CD era: the music is a head above most other psych rarities, and the four musicians later achieved marginal success within the '70s progressive rock "Canterbury Scene". The record itself featured some of the most explosive psychedelia by an English group. The sound of sustained keyboard and guitar passages are full blown drawn-out psychedelia of the highest order, think [artist]Egg[/artist], [artist]Gong[/artist], [artist]National Health[/artist], [artist]Caravan[/artist] etc.
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    >> Part II.: Collectors of rare psychedelia recognize Arzachel's sole LP as being one of the most desired (and pricey) relics from the late '60s. "An excellent album from this British progressive group recorded in 1969 by a band of mysterious pseudonyms... in fact, this was a formation of some of the biggest names in UK progressive rock - Simeon Sasparella, Njerogi Gategaka, etc. were in fact Steve Hillage (who went on to play in Gong). The other 3 members Dave Stewart, Clive Brooks and Mont Campbell formed Egg. Originally released on Evolution this heavy spacey keyboard driven album is often compared to Pink Floyd's Saucer Full of Secrets, and quite deservingly so - the track 'Garden of Earthly Delights' is an influential classic of early UK progressive psyche." >> [url=]Family tree[/url]
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    >> Part III.: Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Yahya al-Zarqali, known in the West as Arzachel, was a Spanish Arab. He was the foremost astronomer of his time. Al-Zarqali carried out a series of astronomical observations at Toledo (Arabic Al Tulaytalah) and compiled them in what is known as his famous Toledan Tables. He corrected the geographical data from Ptolemy and Al-Khwarizmi. Specifically, Al-Zarqali corrected Ptolemy's estimate of the length of the Mediterranean sea from 62 degrees to approximately correct value of 42 degrees. The Toledo Tables were translated into Latin in the Twelfth century. Al-Zarqali was the first to prove conclusively the motion of the Aphelion relative to the stars. He measured its rate of motion as 12.04 seconds per year, which is remarkably close to the modern calculation of 11.8 seconds.
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    >> Part IV.: Al-Zarqali invented a flat astrolabe which is known as Safihah. Its details were published in Latin, Hebrew and several European languages. Copernicus in his famous book "De Revolutionibus Orbium Clestium" expresses his indebtedness to al-Battani (albategnius) and Al-Zarqali (Arzachel) and quotes their work several times. Beer and Madler in their famous work Der Mond (1837) mention a surface feature of the moon after Al-Zarqali (Arzachel). It is a plain in the eighth section more than sixty miles in diameter and is surrounded by rows of mountains rising like terraces to heights of 13,000 feet above the interior region. It also Includes several hills and craters and a prominent cleft by the side of the base of the western Mountainous wall.
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    Yes, this is definitely one of the unsung album of the 60s.
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    Metempsychosis, Leg & Clean Innocent Fun are really killers! I recomend!
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    killer organ melodies, Metempsychosis is so awesome
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