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  • Avatar for Kyzumi
    Can anyone point me in the direction of more songs similar to Nightmare? please reply to my profile. Thank you
  • Avatar for xWalhall
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    чертов талант
  • Avatar for malecool
    Timeless brilliance
  • Avatar for DavidSmith98
    Benny Goodman is equally great for those interested. Benny was the king of Swing. That being said Artie's version of "I Cover The Waterfront" is absolutely breathtaking.
  • Avatar for vaenaton
    gloomy sunday
  • Avatar for worinimabi
    当听众冠以goodman"king of swing"名号的时候,shaw的fans则不甘示弱地称呼他为"king of clarinet" shaw听到后笑道 "i prefer you call me the king of music"
  • Avatar for FolxPunxForLife
    So perfect
  • Avatar for dalakop
    so simply so fucking amazing!
  • Avatar for meowmixhash
    why does comes love sound so familiar? hmmm
  • Avatar for Teffasus
    Deuces Wild
  • Avatar for Kershlaus91
    I agree DosTsiembo =) , I am 20 and I have just discovered this amazing jazz clarinet player and big band leader when I bought one compilation this monday !
  • Avatar for DosTsiembo
    I am 15 and I like Artie Shaw not this gaga bullshit. Thumbs up if you agree
  • Avatar for gyash
    prosschai это значит гудбай
  • Avatar for drippz
    so amazing
  • Avatar for alexpeter9595
    Artie Shaw, King of Clarinet. I may only be 15, but my goodness, I can't describe how much I love this music; especially Nightmare.
  • Avatar for SoulJazzsterInc
    Haha yes, for us French, Artie Shaw sounds like the French for artichoke lol
  • Avatar for Aserikoth
  • Avatar for johntardsbaby66
    CabaretShow: Benny Goodman.
  • Avatar for YoVultures
    Similar artists: Bros in suits.
  • Avatar for fujiva
    Frenesi,free and sin.
  • Avatar for CabaretShow
    If anyone knows of a clarinetists this great, PLEASE TELL ME!
  • Avatar for lisamad
  • Avatar for LondonLouis
    Last night was watching a superb BBC documentary on the history of swing, and it had that terrible story of when Artie hired Bille Holliday as his lead singer. The swish New York hotel they were booked into insisted that Billie use the service lift so as not to scare off the racist clientele. That was the end of Bille's mainstream career.
  • Avatar for duomosik
    If you like jazz clarinet, you should probably check out our new album [url=ÏK/JOHANN]JOHANN[/url]! Full length previews and a free download! Bon swing!
  • Avatar for kaveeto
    stardust by artie shaw is perfect,specially leading by the trumpet as well as the clarinet.
  • Avatar for ElectricSoul921
    I love his version of "Comes Love"
  • Avatar for Tehdew
    this is beautiful music, simply love it.
  • Avatar for SYL2Oh
    The most modern conductors of the era Swing!
  • Avatar for Dominic_ryan
    Very much enjoying his work
  • Avatar for walruzzi89
    Great mááááán!
  • Avatar for Espantaleon
    orquesta de Artie Shaw interpretando musica de Cole Porter

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