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-What people say about Arthur Adam +Arthur Adam is the most versatile singer-songwriter of the Netherlands. He creates übermelodical, intriguing, inspiring songs in various genres. He has a beautiful voice with a tremendous range and is not afraid to use it. His shows are known for being intense, a bit strange, and always unforgettable. Think Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald.
-We don't know if Arthur ten Cate called himself Adam because his songs sound as pure as life in Paradise once must have been. What we do know is that this talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter seems to be able to write jazzy pop songs effortlessly. The songs are intimate, vulnerable and stay exciting. Need to compare? Think Joni Mitchell, Brian Wilson, Damien Rice and Sufjan Stevens. (P60 website, 2007).+In September 2007, Arthur Adam participated in the renowned In A Cabin With project, and a gorgeous album was created in Sweden as a result. He wrote part of the music on the spot, and played all the instruments himself. The record became Album of the Week at VPRO’s 3voor12, and he earned the Artist of the Week title on MySpace. The tracks are intense and slightly experimental.
-The big difference between In a Cabin With and Shhh is that the songmaterial on In A Cabin With is more diverse but still of amazing quality.(
-Arthur Adam recently entered the realms of the category singer-songwriter extra-ordinaire. People that have seen him play already knew...: the man has a phenomenal voice, a huge reach, giant hands, a lovely guitarplaying style and great slightly twisted songs (radio 6)+
-In a Cabin was the first only-download album (and one of the first unsigned artists as well) to have ever been elected "Album of the Week" by, the most famous Dutch indie/rock-website/community +
 +In April 2010 Arthur Adam released the album "Awake" on the Dutch indie label Jammm, that also hosted Kyteman and C-mon&Kypski. This beautiful album featured some actual pop songs and got him on national television (DWDD, Nederpopshow).
-What he has to say for himself+In the past, Arthur was active as guitarist/bass guitar player/pianist/backing vocalist with Marike Jager, Joep Pelt, Mist and White Broncos.
-"I am a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As Arthur Adam I write, sing and play my own sensitive and slightly different tunes, (since it is not really common for music to be meant to listen to anymore, I might as well state: my music is meant for (your) ears). But I am not your average hopeless romantic, although I tend to lose hope and cling to romantic hippie ideals. I sing about love, doubt and often about the strangeness and awkwardness of everyday life... +His new album "Pulse" will be released in January 2012.
-Besides that: My rocky tunes are played by THE NEW. Übermelodical energetic pop and rock songs. Over-the-top-pop! +
-And: I play with the trashy funky bluesy rockband PELT" +

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Arthur Adam (Netherlands, born 1980) makes music out of deep personal need/urge. He whispers, hums, shouts, amazes. Has his own musical universe. Roughly between Radiohead and Jeff Buckley, between Satie and Coltrane, between Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco and Joni Mitchell. Makes occasional pop songs, sometimes an a cappella jazz piece, then a mini rock opera, but mostly just intriguing melancholic music to take a good listen to. Songs are available on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, everywhere. When he performs Arthur aims for the being-in-the-moment, recreating the song on the spot. Therefore he often plays with eyes closed, in order to dissolve in/into the song. Arthur has a beautiful voice with a range of three and a half octaves and is not afraid to use it. He accompanies himself on guitar or bass guitar, or keys, but mostly on his Excalibur: a 1963 Gibson ES120T. As a true multi-instrumentalist, on his own album he usually plays all instruments himself. Albums -the experimental album In a Cabin With (In a Cabin with, 2007) was recorded in a wooden house in Sweden. It became album of the week at Holland's leading indie website VPRO3voor12 and at MySpace Benelux. -the pop/rock album Awake (Jammm records, 2010) brought him a gig on Holland's top tv show DWDD and lots of airplay. At that time Arthur shared his management and record company with Anneke van Giersbergen/Agua d’Annique. -Pulse (The Music Whisperer, 2012), recorded in his miniature home studio in Glanerbrug, near the German border, got raving reviews and was released on the prestigious Crossing Border Festival. Pulse is sold with a magazine (The Music Whisperer) that is mainly about Arthur Adam and the creative process that led to Pulse. -album #4 will be released September 12th, 2014. It’s Arthur’s most optimistic album: Magic, Light