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  • Avatar for PariPariPari
    Really a genius
  • Avatar for PeaceloveK
    Artist of piano.
  • Avatar for Marpul23
    Jazz and American song - parallel development
  • Avatar for TheMoralCrusade
    …Тейтум - бог джазового фортепиано. Один из любимейших музыкантов ever.
  • Avatar for PeaceloveK
    Genious. Wizzard of keys. My hero.
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    cool sound;)
  • Avatar for althefknamsrtkn
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    he is a don
  • Avatar for ZkeMoNe
  • Avatar for Synesthesis
    His "L'Elegy" is the highlight !
  • Avatar for Carpe4Diem
  • Avatar for jesuiscronopia
    Wow, really good.
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    Impossible to fathom, really. You can only marvel at what you're hearing.
  • Avatar for Parisblues
    (...)"Being honest with everyone, I gave Adelaide Hall Art Tatum’s address and that’s how he came to New York."(...) -Joe Turner : Pianists In My Life" as told to Johnny Simmen in 1952-
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    Spotify playlist [url=]Jazz: Bebop, Cool, Swing, Vocal, Fusion, Modal, Stride, Dixieland, Third Stream, Big Band, Hard Bop[/url]
  • Avatar for evanisreallyok
    really good stuff.
  • Avatar for Huitapng
    Great pianist. Love his style.
  • Avatar for El_Melomaniac
  • Avatar for Namasayufi
  • Avatar for iliveinthewoods
    sure is smoooooth
  • Avatar for RonZol
  • Avatar for VinnyMcFly
    i know tatum is immortal but the similar artists are nothing to slump at either.
  • Avatar for Acquisition
    the similar artists section of this page shouldn't exist, because there is absolutely no match for tatum
  • Avatar for JBThazard
    v I get a feeling that's mostly the case.
  • Avatar for outrenoir
    I don't understand how Parker's a household name but Tatum seems virtually unknown outside of jazz aficionados (where he's hugely revered). Is it just bop=modern, everything else=irrelevant or what?
  • Avatar for fowlhuman
    Love, love, love!
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Man played like he had at least four hands!
  • Avatar for merrari
    Tatum Vs. Chopin = battle royale I'd pay to see [3]
  • Avatar for GeorgesDanton
    i would love to see him and Chopin go head to head in a piano battle [2]
  • Avatar for PappaWheelie
    With Django being a distant 2nd, tatum is without question, the greatest _muscian_ to ever have lived.
  • Avatar for Milkshake8
    Nice. Cool story.
  • Avatar for whylessness
    "One time in 1938 Tatum dropped in to hear Waller play at a club. By way of introduction Waller told the audience, "I just play the piano, but God is in the house tonight.""
  • Avatar for Ikresusto
    Great music! [2]
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    This man could, how do you say, tinkle on the ivories.
  • Avatar for Tweed15
    i would love to see him and Chopin go head to head in a piano battle
  • Avatar for AlexeiKolyaev
    он такой.. быстрый
  • Avatar for ShaniaEve
    Great music!
  • Avatar for prdrums77
    Art Tatum ALMOST makes me proud to be from Toledo.
  • Avatar for progtrance7
    Immortal master
  • Avatar for samsnicefm
    @setonioboy When he was learning how to play he heard player pianos, which actually play 2 pianos in one, and thought it was one person playing it. He just wanted to fit in, and ended up playing about 6 parts with his 2 hands instead of the usual 4.
  • Avatar for Boothfroyd
    outta space?......Are you sure your not thinking of Sun-Ra?
  • Avatar for bluestatus
    BEST JAZZ PIANIST EVER. Where has he been all my life? I've been searching for jazz piano music like this for a while now. Art Tatum is THE shit. I love his solos. I can't get enough of him. Don't think there's a song of his that I don't like. And that's saying a lot.
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    I heard he was from outer space
  • Avatar for IAJP
    is this guy for real? never heard piano skills like that. listenable too..what a bonus for a virtuoso...
  • Avatar for Inezha
    I'm astonished and fascinated...
  • Avatar for SonOfThirteen
  • Avatar for Katisdope
    yes yes yes YES!
  • Avatar for DonnaGrayDavis
    I have just subscribed and enjoy this; however, I need some help. I want to hear Vince Guaraldi presently, not someone whose genre is similar. I can't seem to click the buttons in my Library and tune in yet. Help?
  • Avatar for Paivazz
  • Avatar for gregorcn
    years ago, "The Best of Art Tatum" was my first jazz piano CD I ever owned. Boy, what a godsent it was, in many ways...Years later, I'm still only trying to fathom all the facets of his greatness. A true marvel.


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