• Bang Bang Rock 'n Roll

    6 Jun 2006, 17:38 by Letsgetsandy

    Jeez never listened to this lot before but my god Art Brut are fantastic. This is my track by track review of Bang Bang Rock & Roll:

    1. Formed a Band
    Fantastic song, superbly funny and a great insight into how people (including me) think when they form a band, love it!

    2. My Little Brother
    Good song, not as good as Formed a band though, step down, nice song though, gets me moving.

    3. Emily Kane
    I love this song more than I could ever say :D fantastic and heartfelt, best song on the album.

    4.Rusted Guns Of Milan
    Nice slowdown, like the lyrics, not so good instrumentaly but pretty good.

    5. Modern Art
    Screeching guitars over clever lyrics good stuff.

    6. Good Weekend
    Hilariously delivered lines, "I've seen her naked, I'VE SEEN HER NAKED!" over catchy guitars.

    7. Bang Bang Rock & Roll
    Great song, interesting comments on the stupid cliches of Rock n Roll, I like.

    8. Fight!
    Don't really like this one, bit dull, lowest point on the album.