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  • Avatar for lMukeyl
    formed a band
  • Avatar for Lonely-Traveler
    Не обычно. Очень не обычно! "Sexy" заслушал до дыр. Да и другие песни удивляют удивительно)) Крутая оригинальная группа!
  • Avatar for wheresyourblues
    да норм такой инди-роцк без выебонов
  • Avatar for Maksim_Veter
    Хуита, как по мне. А описание такое пёстрое.
  • Avatar for LeChatRave
    Art Brut (1) freejazz on freedownload at: :)))
  • Avatar for Boosh1988
    I am NOTHING to my peers, but ENVY and HATRED.
  • Avatar for EccentricFin
    There're many good british bands, who sing with a moderate accent or without any. Here the singer obviosuly just exaggerates it
  • Avatar for Furious_Fill
    First and third album are amazing, live they smash it! and to the people commenting on his accent being "probably the strongest British accent ever witnessed by human beings" really should come to England and realise most of us sound like that!
  • Avatar for hoolygun
    Richard Hell & The Voidoids
  • Avatar for kei_go
    people in love is so good!
  • Avatar for KSone215
  • Avatar for KCKate
    And yes, this is my singing voice. It's not irony. It's not rock and roll. We're just talking to the kids.
  • Avatar for the_11th
  • Avatar for DinosaurSr69
    probably not.
  • Avatar for strangeruslan
    probably the strongest british accent ever witnessed by human beings. [1]
  • Avatar for El_Grml
    probably the strongest british accent ever witnessed by human beings.
  • Avatar for getyourownJack
    why.. don't our parents worry about us?
  • Avatar for HumHumXX
    Why don't our parents worry about us?
  • Avatar for ChrisChaber
    Stop buying your albums from the supermarket.
  • Avatar for GarethFireXX
    their live performances are great!
  • Avatar for Teffasus
    got yourself a brand new girlfriend?
  • Avatar for johnnymfiend
    so not indie. sounds more punk to me
  • Avatar for KosTeT72RUS
    вокал не найс...
  • Avatar for cdax2307
    more win than punk and indie
  • Avatar for nicoinfurs
    they're definitely more punk than indie
  • Avatar for Blacoma
    I listen "a bit complicated" and i am disapointed. First et second track are nice but after is the same thing again and again. Band for singles not for album Imo
  • Avatar for cdax2307
    first album is best
  • Avatar for venividivicious
    Always thought they were more punk than indie. Especially since seeing them live...very fast, very loud :)
  • Avatar for KirianSparrow
    Awesome band !_!
  • Avatar for Bugui_Luvsis
    Sex Pistols evolution
  • Avatar for Nayaic
    nice voice
  • Avatar for NotSoVelvet
    After just one fucking listening, I like these guys.
  • Avatar for robinofdarkness
    one of the best bands to see live, seen them play at the gloucester guildhall.. just FUCKING FANTASTIC!! eddie argos is king!!
  • Avatar for nicoinfurs
    Bull and Gate gig in London was amazing. Really started to appreciate this band after that night. Good times
  • Avatar for consommateur
    free shit... ok willk give her a lssash..ey if you guys want some related music Sony VAIO is giving away 25 free mp3s to promote their artists here SONYbacktoschool/. Art Brut is on th
  • Avatar for SheIsAFaggot
    "I've seen her naked TWICE!"
  • Avatar for ArtBrutus3
    I totally agree with your ordering of the albums Forablueguitar.
  • Avatar for Dalal92
    This is treasure, I honestly feel like licking this treasure. Their music gives weird feelings.
  • Avatar for forablueguitar
    I've been thinking about which albums my favourite. I think the order is Bang Bang Rock & Roll > Art Brut vs Satan > Brilliant! Tragic! > It's a Bit Complicated. And that doesn't mean IABC is a bad album, it's great. the others are just that good.
  • Avatar for Gunkgirl
    i always have a big smile on my face when i listen to them.
  • Avatar for Basisti94
    Eddie Argos is a musical genious. Not many can make simple rock sound so unique. I couldn't love this band more
  • Avatar for nigeyb
    Just realised how good "Brilliant! Tragic!" actually is. It's jeffin great innit? Really beefed up sound too. What a band. "I bet he signs his name in Comic Sans" :-)) Have a great weekend.
  • Avatar for Lord_Krichian
    average at best
  • Avatar for RoomForSymmetry
    Finally listening to more of these guys after loving "DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes" and kicking myself for waiting so long. LOVE their sound, so unique and cool!
  • Avatar for vanisleblues
    Is it just me, or is the Frank Black production way too blatant on Brilliant Tragic? I liked it, but it sounds like Pixies to the point where you're forced to think he had total creative control...
  • Avatar for a3rown
    Hey if you guys want some related music Sony VAIO is giving away 25 free mp3s to promote their artists here Art Brut is on there too
  • Avatar for plothead31
    Wow forgot about these guys for like, 4 years gonna have to get their stuff again.
  • Avatar for Sinsila
    man, i just discovered them and well, listening to them is a great experience so far. bad weekend is absolutely awesome!
  • Avatar for AshlenaAres
    My little boy(7) just discovered Art Brut, I couldnt be more proud,esp when I heard him chanting 'Popular.Culture. No Longer. Applies. To Me' Bless. x ^_^
  • Avatar for Nicolas_R
    @royalpoet true indeed !


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