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    hi please read -

    so this is an album i wrote and recorded solo pretty recently while taking a break from the julia…

  2. Sad Souls is the musical outlet of Ann Arbor, MI based musician Tom Auty. His music consists mostly of processed guitar loops, with occasional…

  3. Mutual Benefit is a music project created by American singer-songwriter Jordan Lee. The assemblage consists of various musicians gathered by Lee…

  4. Garage pop from Beekman, NY.

    William Smith - Guitar, Vocals
    Harry Manning - Bass
    Ian Dwy - Vocals, Drums
    Liam Walsh - Guitar…

  5. Pandit is Lance Smith from Lumberton, TX. After many years of playing in various projects, he decided to go solo in mid 2009. With the right…

  6. Hometown: San Diego.

    The lineup: Joel Williams (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, vocals), Trung Ngo (acoustic and electric guitars,…

  7. Quarterbacks is a twee punk band from New Paltz, NY.

  8. Orcas is a band by haze-pop auteur Benoît Pioulard and post-minimalist composer Rafael Anton Irisarri (also known as The Sight Below). Theirs is a…

  9. Olive Juice available now through Elestial Sound:

  10. *~*~* *~*~*

  11. Port St. Willow is the music project of Nick Principe, originally formed in Portland, OR in 2009. His first album, "Even // Wasteland," was…

  12. Teen Suicide is an American band from Baltimore, Maryland formed in 2011
    They have disbanded in 2012 then came together again in January 2015…

  13. Radiator Hospital is a DIY pop band currently based in Philadelphia, PA.

  14. At least four recording artists call themselves Houses:

    1) a indie duo from Chicago, Illinois, United States.
    2) an alternative pop band from…

  15. Gauntlet Hair was (2009-2013) an indie rock band from Denver, Colorado. The members consisted of Craig Nice and Andy Rauworth. After releasing…

  16. We are Surf Curse.

    Grab our tunes here

  17. underground garage mustering teen anthems.
    free songs=

  18. COOLRUNNINGS are from Knoxville TN.


  19. A psychedelic band from Austin, Texas, formerly known as Pure Ecstasy.


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