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  • Avatar for xEye4Eyex
    Not bad!
  • Avatar for crsini520
    Why's there some bitch as the picture in the library?
  • Avatar for alexatnight
    Patterns awsome dude!
  • Avatar for temmisxplosion
    The BLACK HARVEST?!?!?! Das racist!
  • Avatar for temmisxplosion
    Armor for the Broken? More like Armor for the BITCHES!!!! tehe. u guiz stink! vooom chicka chicka bumpa bumpa baaaaah
  • Avatar for TaylorGrimes
    New album is great (FINALLY got around to listening to it.) The cleans are about par for any Post-Hardcore band of this calibur, the first cleans on the album are pretty below-average though. This band definitely deserves more respect, and recognition!
  • Avatar for sobelson
    The Black Harvest<333
  • Avatar for thisisatest343
    I feel like all that could have been reduced to one shout.
  • Avatar for niqpwnz
    good. standart. nothing new.
  • Avatar for Kriss-
    Sooooo good!
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    Its quiet on all versions, I own the CD.
  • Avatar for alexi182
    good album
  • Avatar for tms_band
    Check out our new EP! Thread My Soul (melodic metalcore / post-hardcore). Sorry for spam ;) | Download:
  • Avatar for encmetalhead
    Read my review for "The Black Harvest" HERE ! 8.5/10!
  • Avatar for encmetalhead
    @Brian i dont know but the sound is so low on it for most of it that it's redic
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    Who the fuck produced and mastered their album? I want to send them a mean e-mail.
  • Avatar for v0xtheriot
    i'm pretty sure i hear evan pharmakis in rescuer
  • Avatar for menstramp
  • Avatar for deadelement
    That said, I'm quite liking a few of the songs actually, pseudo-djent and tech/progressive influences starting to seep through.
  • Avatar for deadelement
    Not enjoying the production all that much I must say.
  • Avatar for mybabewalk
    new album is siqqq
  • Avatar for xScriiimohx
    is really the same band??? the change a lot! i don't like the new album y preffer their old sound
  • Avatar for eyealy
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
  • Avatar for Kev_Disastrous
    I don't like the new album at all. don't know why, but I just can't get into it..
  • Avatar for vava_alves
    would be better without clean vocals.
  • Avatar for pandicao
  • Avatar for screaming_magni
    am-am ^^
  • Avatar for ricardopescador
  • Avatar for Alaris1337
    Does anyone know where to find their newer songs for download? I've been looking freaking everywhere. I really dig them though!
  • Avatar for AddictedToHer
    how much records did they release ?
  • Avatar for useless-
    i really didnt expect them to get big.. i thought they re gonna break up every minute.. congrats to tragic hero. <3
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    Do you want them on Rise sounding like Woe, Is Me?
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    Tragic Hero Records thank god.
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    Rise makes or breaks bands, I don't like it, and Armor For The Broken deserves a good label. They aren't sceney tools so they won't do good on Rise.
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    Actually I am not sure, hopefully not Rise, but im sure they signed with somebody.
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    They probably signed to Rise Records.
  • Avatar for Kriss-
    damn, the new track is awesome
  • Avatar for SHiPSHAPPPPPE
    join the Artery Foundation management
  • Avatar for knight_88
    great band!
  • Avatar for xSOMx
    heard about them on purevolume like 8 years ago, still they haven't released anything worthwhile other than their self titled EP :<
  • Avatar for Suzan666
  • Avatar for haiyeee
  • Avatar for Kriss-
    Totally rad
  • Avatar for INFINATEOPENS
    great vocalist this is the band to watch out for
  • Avatar for shyrawr
  • Avatar for Airflame
  • Avatar for AColdDayInHell
    The new stuff is really fucking good. Couldn't stand the vocals on their old stuff. But yeah, sounding like Misery Signals is def. a good thing, haha.
  • Avatar for itsjesse
    just listened to patterns they are completly different, its good but i like theyre old stuff
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    EP is a big improvement.


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