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  • 1969 hard rock Armageddon here!
  • Jetzt stimmt die Beschreibung der ehemaligen fantastischen Band Armageddon, die sich nach dem Tod von Keith Relf 1976 auflöste ..... die gleichnamige Platte Armageddon kam 1975 heraus und ist das einzige Vermächtnis, das uns diese tolle Bluesrock Band hinterlassen hat ! Da es noch andere Bands mit dem Namen Armageddon gibt, glaube ich, tauchen hier immer einige Verwechslungen auf :O((((
  • Fantastic album all around, a must for hard rock fans.
  • Awesome band!
  • Help me please people who really cares about the album...It's "Silver Tight Rope" that matters a classic song that has greater meaning when one considers Relf soon died from a Brain Hemorrhage. Silver tight rope the tight rope of life daaa get it... although the Buzzard is a nice piece and I have the record and the CD both rare... and finally back to the song Silver Tight Rope life dangling in front of us and it's meaning or not and what retro party would not be complete until this tune got played and if you don't know that then you were not there.... that aside I think “galaxylin” gets it …my kind of dude and prob’ remembers quicksilver and the soft machine too…… CIAO!
  • agree, vocals are week. keith relf good in yardbirds. pathes and planes...has a good introduction, sincerely the voice and the way the music progress, don't like it at all
  • one of my most favorite album`s missed it for a long time
  • I`ve always thought the vocals were the weakest part of the album[apologies to any Keith Relf fans],which given he was the one with the biggest reputation,is unusual. Though there are plenty of rumours that he wasn`t too happy being in the band,who knows,but this is a quality album none the less. And also to be fair,it would be difficult to not be overshadowed by the performance of the rest of the band. Great drumming as usual from Mr.Caldwell,[see Captain Beyond] and fine guitar work from Martin Pugh,with the bass playing being none too shabby as well. Lowest point- Paths and Planes... highest point- Basking In The White Of The Midnight Sun-especially the middle part.
  • really good stuff
  • Especially the Song Buzzard.......

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