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  • Avatar for metalheadjoe4
    "Only True Believers" kicks ass [2]
  • Avatar for Osimaru
    "Only True Believers" kicks ass as fvck.
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    "Only True Believers" kicks ass
  • Avatar for Gagoterapia
    "I support the evil in mankind".
  • Avatar for PP667
  • Avatar for relativmensch
    Seriously funny biography " Their idea was to create some spiritual disease through music that would infect and destroy human minds, which didn’t work." :-D
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
    The Final War Approaching is amazing!
  • Avatar for GodLord0
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    cool as long as it isnt super bad quality audio.
  • Avatar for CaCoffiny
    after 10 years of listening them, still fucking amazing..
  • Avatar for unholydeath
    "Is the quality really poor like most every other live extreme metal release?" With handheld camcorder you can't get better quality. Remember that Armagedda played only a few shows on that 2002 tour, and didn't even play all the planned dates.
  • Avatar for diurnoculto
    Forgetting classic well-known black metal dinosaurs like Mayhem, Burzum, etc., this is the best and most distinct true black metal band out there. Great, loud, harsh basslines, gritty but clear mixing of the guitars, and a great beat. Oh also, the singer is fucking possessed. OND SPIRITISM
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    has anyone seen the Live in Nurnberg DVD released a few years ago, it only has very early tracks, and a Bathory cover but I'm still kind of interested in it. Is the quality really poor like most every other live extreme metal release?
  • Avatar for alucarddracula0
    this band is one of my favorite ones.
  • Avatar for alucarddracula0
    this band is one of my favorite ones.
  • Avatar for max_cavalera666
    "For I am His Slave" is full of awesome riffing! The whole album is one of my favorite BM records
  • Avatar for Pestwolke
    I thought it was Satanism.
  • Avatar for diurnoculto
    Religiously musical but not in an overdone cunty way. The music is the religion.
  • Avatar for Lvx-Fero
    Best swedish bm.
  • Avatar for valmuefroe
    all-time favorite
  • Avatar for K696
    two words : black metal. <3
  • Avatar for metaltroll87
  • Avatar for Alexandros888
    Only true Believers is pure art,a goood album
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    Well, I eat my words, there are some gnarly riffs on Only True Believers
  • Avatar for Satyr_FFF_666
    Alliluya (1)
  • Avatar for HAZZZARD
    true believers <3
  • Avatar for Chopmeat_
  • Avatar for bohenix
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    "now i feel like this band sounds like a mix of ondskapt and urgehal." Unfortunately, your assessment hits the nail on why I can't quite get into these guys, considering I hate Urgehal
  • Avatar for LORDINFERNO666
    + AVE -- ARMAGEDDA !!!
  • Avatar for Vladislava_
    Прекрасно ^^
  • Avatar for BlackDaimon
    Ond spiritism is the one... Also might appeal: Big fan of their workz Cd soon... Apologies for spam!
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    now i feel like this band sounds like a mix of ondskapt and urgehal.
  • Avatar for Mr_Allergic
    How the fuck can anyone say that this is not black metal as it should be???
  • Avatar for versionfiv
  • Avatar for next__
    how can't anyone listen to black metal?
  • Avatar for max_cavalera666
    "Only True Believers" is one of best Black Metal records I've ever heard... It is as cold as "Transilvanian Hunger" and innovative as "Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult"
  • Avatar for LORDINFERNO666
    ***** AVE ARMAGEDDA!! 666.
  • Avatar for Evil_Deicider
    Refuse The Blood Of Jesus!!
  • Avatar for luthfifadli
    Very interesting drum fills (2)
  • Avatar for CaCoffiny
    Ændalykt !!
  • Avatar for diurnoculto
    Only True Believers
  • Avatar for Mortum_est
    Really many are deaf to this noise?
  • Avatar for MmARxX
    anyone know him?? .
  • Avatar for kvlt420trve666
    Happy_Funeral: Trångsynt tro på en låtsasgud och en sagobok är för losers. Nej men seriöst, hur man kan vara troende 2012 som svensk?
  • Avatar for csehszlovakze
    someone uploaded one of the band's live performances:
  • Avatar for noshutdown
  • Avatar for GalacticKiller
    Happy_Funeral: Du behöver inte lyssna om du inte vill. Kallas frihet att välja du vet.
  • Avatar for Liag247
    Om man nu så ivrigt följer Vitekrist är det väl ingen överraskning att man inte finner deras texter särskilt tilldragande.
  • Avatar for csehszlovakze
    Night of the Triumphator (Satyricon cover): (this is NOT Ghostwood) \m/


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