• Arisk Priest - Troy (2008)

    13 Sep 2008, 22:58 by arianfinist

    New album from the Russian art-experiments, monument of technological epos!
    Arisk Priest «Troy».
    Here came the storm! History and knowledge in language of blood battle hymns
    and atmospheric symphonies!
    Coming soon 15 September 2008!

    Экспериментаторы из команды Arisk Priest представили на суд слушателя свой новый материал. Первый за этот год как полноформатник, и восьмой по счету в дискографии группы альбом знаменует собой очередной уход от гитарно-ориентированного звучания в сторону экспериментов с электроникой. Продолжая идейную линию альбома Pressence II музыканты совершили марш-бросок в своем композиторском мастерстве и умении создавать атмосферу. Если на Pressence II мы имели в наличии попытку подражать позднему творчеству Burzum, то на новом альбоме мы получили абсолютно самостоятельный материал прочно вписывающийся в нишу Neoclassiс.

    Монотонные клавишные переборы сменили кровавые боевые гимны и симфонико-атмосферные баллады…
  • 2007 - A Running Tally

    11 Aug 2007, 14:57 by Bromadrosis

    This is meant to be an exhaustive list of all the 2007 releases I've heard so far, with points out of 100 added. Somewhat arbitrary perhaps, but wtf. The list will be predominantly metal-oriented but other genres may also feature.
    I will not be adding reviews at this point since I don't have time to fuck around with that happy crappy, but feel free to comment and I'll be happy to defend whatever score you might disagree with. Be advised, though, scores are not final! But they should give you a pretty good indication overall.

    To give you a rough idea of what's going on here:

    90+ = Essential, what you need to hear
    80+ = Excellent, recommended to all those with an open mind
    70+ = Good, but probably suited mostly to fans of the specific artist or genre
    60+ = Only bother checking it out if you know and love the band
    50+ = Disappointing, approach with caution. Fodder for completists
    40+ = Fairly crappy but some redeeming features might still be found
    30+ = What are you doing wasting your money or bandwith on this crap?