• Top Artists Jun 11 - Jun 18

    20 Jun 2006, 15:39 by Daralith

    7. Archangels Revenge
    New band, raw sound. Meh. Well I have to listen to my own bands music or I'll bloody forget it won't I! *chants* Who are ya! Who are ya!*chant finishes abruptly*

    6. Taking Back Sunday
    Much lower down than last week. Hardly any play at all in comparison really.

    5. Darkest Hour
    Ah those dark and heavy boys are still in there!

    Joint 4. Funeral for a Friend
    *Goofy smiles* They really are the bees knees! *another goofy smile*

    Joint 4. Deftones
    Fuckin immense don't ya think? Deserve to be here easily!

    3. Aiden
    Yep still listenin to em!

    2. Coheed and Cambria
    I'm still personally shocked they haven't hit number 1 yet, but they are still up here!

    1. Atreyu
    They beat Coheed 3 times over! Oh yeah! I'm quite into them, though Coheed are still my fav band.

    And thats last weeks chart.
    Nest week, prince albert piercings, fascination or obsession!