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  • Avatar for SaameSaame
    TOP 2 in my opinion after Anthems Of Rebellion
  • Avatar for Riktenkay
    This album starts off really shit but track 6 onwards is mostly really good.
  • Avatar for Sergio_Bv
    Excellent album.
  • Avatar for DTjKK
    Last album I think I will ever like by them. Yeah, it's definitely not their best, but they still had the intensity of Angela's vocals to rely on if the melodies and riffs weren't heavy enough. Now they've overdosed on sugar, and went all glittery and metalcore-ish with Alissa. That is, at least on the studio recordings... I'm hoping they will prove me wrong live.
  • Avatar for ABHORRANCE666
    I think this is an underrated album. Well maybe they didn't re-invent anything, but strip out the intro, instrumentals, and the super boring anthemic songs "Under Black Flags We March" and "No Gods, No Masters", the rest of the album is pretty rad. Their fastest since Wages of Sin. Most their albums have a few good songs, and a lot of anthemic boring filler. The ratio is flipped here.
  • Avatar for Yhavimoth
    Not to mention it's also extremely boring.
  • Avatar for Yhavimoth
    I'm a hater and I'm gonna keep hatin'. This album sucks and so does it's hideous cover.
  • Avatar for Lazarus_132
    The Artwork nearly sucks as the music do.
  • Avatar for panda_polaco
    Haters gonna hate... The album is great [5]
  • Avatar for Riktenkay
    Weird album, the first 5 tracks vary between lame and average, but then it suddenly turns awesome and stays that way.
  • Avatar for lukkaturi
    Haters gonna hate... The album is great [4]
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Was hoping the vocals were better after Angela Gossow worked with Melissa Cross....sadly not the case. I will continue my search for a release with the Ammot brothers I like.
  • Avatar for panda_polaco
    718 metal
  • Avatar for DonMatt447
    Haters gonna hate... The album is great [3]
  • Avatar for Kaazt2010
    Haters gonna hate... The album is great [2]
  • Avatar for simon91hollnich
    THis Record is great! Dont give a fuck about the haters!
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    Haters gonna hate... The album is great.
  • Avatar for dujvkhu
    buen disco les agradesco por este aporte de arch enemy sigan asi y viva el metallllllllllllllllllll
  • Avatar for RockerNerd99
    I am a huge melodic death metal fan, so by extension I liked Arch Enemy a lot. Yes, the band recycles their music but at least they still manage to put in effort to making a good album. In the case of Khaos Legions, the recycled sound is starting to get annoying. The only song I can remember as being any decent was the lead off single at that just felt like a knock off of Silent Wars off of Anthems Of Rebellion. And yes, the album art work is amazing I do amdit. But those two positives aside what is there to like? Mike and Chris Amott's guitar solos aren't as memorable and Angela really needs to do something different with her vocals. Eventually her vocals do tend to get repetitive. And I know I've said repetitive and other synonyms of that word enough, but it is the best description of this album. Hopefully the band does a new album soon to redeem them from this borefest.
  • Avatar for mikemax69
    this album is too low. "cruelty whitout beauty" is my fav... only "vengeance is mine" and "cult of chaos" is melodic deathmetal "bloodstained cross" sounds like "nemesis pt 2"
  • Avatar for Adriaan_gtr1
    Very good album!
  • Avatar for HomunculuS32
    Инертный альбом. Пускай он и не столь катастрофически плох, как кажется многим, его можно слушать (и даже не один раз), но вот любить... Признаться, немного завидую тем, для кого KL стал первым прослушанным релизом группы: если не обращать внимания на постоянные самоцитаты, вероятно, он cможет произвести тот же фурор, что, в своё время - Wages Of Sin или Black Earth.
  • Avatar for faith_fractured
    best mdm
  • Avatar for dAziks
    This is very very similiar album to CoB's mid~ era. Really similar sounding.
  • Avatar for Sandwalk3r
    Average melodeath album
  • Avatar for Plasmaterial
    No wonder they're wearing gas masks. This shit stinks.
  • Avatar for HELLIATOR
    this is a bit different from their other albums, but surely khaos legions is not bad
  • Avatar for lizeqin
  • Avatar for Xelias11
    Yeah the passion, energy and excitementt are mising here. Rather average effort unfortunately. Next must be killer..
  • Avatar for Roll_Mann
    not rocking... a lack of energy
  • Avatar for michaos_ru
    thanks guys to the new album! i hear angel voice again) makes me glad.
  • Avatar for Wicked1343
    She has absolutely lost her voice! It's terrible. And music become more pop. Very dissapointed
  • Avatar for 101Matt101
    Angela is fucking Boss!
  • Avatar for allan_cdc
    Esse album é excelente um dos melhores \m/
  • Avatar for zerstoren91
    just mind blowing! i really really like this lp
  • Avatar for Dan-N-Roll
    SICK ALBUM! "Cruelty Without Beauty" and "Vengeance Is Mine" ... masterpieces!
  • Avatar for Deviss_95
    very good album (:
  • Avatar for MrsMacbeth
    Really nice! I love 'Cruelty without Beauty' and 'No Gods, No Masters'. So nice lyrics.
  • Avatar for WILDARK_VAMPYR
    Que poder de Album, me atreveria a decir que el mejor !!
  • Avatar for Stern_J
    love this album \M/
  • Avatar for kool_ambo
    Wow what an awesome album!! \m/
  • Avatar for B_Hammock
    I like it but it's a bit bland and pretty much what I expected, would of liked to hear something experimental from these guys.
  • Avatar for TheMusicSeeker
    I like it, but I find that it just doesn't have the same energy as "Doomsday Machine", but it still is not without it's charm. I give it, just for musical aesthetics, a 7/10. (Doomsday is my fave album by AE [Gossow era], so it's kinda unfair to compare the two)
  • Avatar for Matheusmetal15
    The keyboard on Cruelty Without Beauty is awesome!
  • Avatar for Separatuz
    Not the bad release, a sound at height and all parties are executed purely, but it was pleasant to me only 4 tracks from an album
  • Avatar for tamara1396
    Love this album :)
  • Avatar for carlosc13
    Not a bad release but not quite good enough... 6/10 Good guitars as usual, but lacking something... Just my opinion :) Now you can bring the stones
  • Avatar for lucanhmaggot
    This album is amazing :D
  • Avatar for Britof
    Not on drugs, no.
  • Avatar for spikedylacid
    v are you on drugs? It's alright, not that good.


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