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Anthems of Rebellion
Arch Enemy

Anthems of Rebellion


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  • Is that fucking Dean Pelton on the cover?
  • 10/10
  • My favourite album from Arch Enemy
  • rating 8/10
  • Released: 1900. They invented metal, Last.fm confirmed.
  • Bad cover, awesome music.
  • I don't like Arch Enemy, but this is one of the best metal albums ever made.
  • Still my favorite <3
  • Still the coolest album cover I have ever seen to this day.
  • Amazing album <3
  • I thought Arch Enemy would be just 'meh', but this album kicks flippin' ass!
  • dermitrind... seek therapy.
  • Their best. No objection.
  • "when I was 16 I loved it, you'll understand later, THAT THIS ALBUM SUCKS ." -> HURRP DA DURRP I'm older now and listen to Amon Amarth and because of this i know much more about the intricacies of quality songwriting. Everyone that listens music I liked when I was a few years younger is A FUCKING KIDDO "/§§Q()$!!!111eleven
  • Great album..
  • PERFECT!!!!
  • this was probably my first extreme metal album back in like 2004
  • All albums with Angela Gossow are awesome. [2]
  • AE'S best album [3]
  • Nice album. Including some really powerful songs like Dehumanization or Despicable Heroes. But We Will Rise is way too overrated...
  • Their magnum opus
  • The coverarts resemblance to Reroute to Remain is annoying
  • Proves the fact that women can sing Death Metal.
  • Perfect album, awesome. We will rise ma
  • AE'S best album [2]
  • awesome
  • one of the best metal albums ever...those who dont agree can fuck off
  • FlightofC is so right about that. lol
  • Great album, can't wait to see them live..
  • Worst AE album.
  • one of my favourite albums ever!
  • that's is the real music of the freaking world
  • Totally worth the purchase :D
  • Their best album. \m/ ^^ \m/
  • freaking awesome..
  • This has to be one of the best metal albums I've ever heard! Every single track kicks ass, and the album as a whole just improves the entire listening experience. This album and Wintersun's self-titled are the only ones that have ever struck me that hard.
  • Fast paced and fucking amazing \m/
  • their best album .... you can listen from start to finish
  • May be their weakest effort to date, but it still kicks ass nonetheless. Plus it was the first AE album I heard, so it's special to me.
  • My favourite Arch Enemy album! Exist to Exit, Instinct, Saints and Sinners are all awesome and underrated tracks!
  • Халтура
  • seriuosly...not a good one
  • most fav album of AE
  • The best album in melodic death metal!
  • this is the shit especialy with the song we will rise
  • Wages of Sin is their best, this album's like a less extreme/more accessible version ov it
  • Best Angela Gossow-Arch Enemy album, in my opinion. Doomsday Machine has better production, but this has better songwriting. Rise of the Tyrant is a little lacking in the production department, and I think Wages of Sin is great too, but start to finish, hard to beat Anthems of Rebellion \m/
  • Great album! There is no "Oh no, what a piece of shit"-song on it. I'll get more albums of AE. There seem to be better ones, hu? ; )
  • QD3
    I think it's somewhere in the middle. Leader Of The Rats has my favorite Angela performance.
  • their weakest, by far


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