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"The point is… to unify and harmonize the opposites,
both positive and negative, by discovering a ground
which transcends and encompasses them both."

Ken Wilbur, No Boundary.

Art represents the universal principle of integration, synthesis, and synergy. In order to come into the artistry of who we are, it is important to balance the apparent paradoxes, oppositions, or polarities within our nature. Synergy is the union of two or more principles, which combined, can create a greater whole. Art is the integration of opposition in order to become even more of who we are. The light and dark of our nature needs to be incorporated before we fully express the whole of who we are.

For the one who achieves balance and integration through the creative process or by working with the hands, there is a deep love for one`s creative expression which is inspired from perception and emotional insight. This is the ability to balance and blend the opposites, yin/yang, to be equally receptive and assertive. This is the alchemical process of merging fire (spiritual) and water (emotion) which makes a new element, steam (mental and spiritual creativity with passion).

When a person is drawn towards Art it is an indication of the desire to manifest artful creativity, artful handling of duality, polarity and the desire to create something new in the blending process, and thus becomes Arcane Art.

To some people the concept of Arcane Art might be quite complex. It is more or less divided in two separate parts. One part is based on more impulsive / improvised actions which leads to uncontrollable instincts of the creative being, the other part is the controllable one. Merged together they will become balance, the harmony between the somewhat opposites. This is the way Arcane Art has chosen in their quest to achieve something close to artistic purity. The former or to be more correct, the creator behind Arcane Art is Karsten Hamre. This creation you now will be introduced to have its origin in two project bands, namely Magistratus and Moral Insanity. It is also here you can find the reason why Arcane Art has a two-part concept. The impulsive / improvised and uncontrollable has its roots in Magistratus, which one day in April `95 showed up on a stage without having rehearsed one single time. The music, which was performed, was industrial and experimental metal, with Mr. Hamre on vocals and additional noise guitar. Moral Insanity on the other hand represent the part which one has more or less complete control over, and the music is best described as dark electronic music. Arcane Art is the unity of the two before mentioned projects. In which way this unification will affect you is simple to explain. Through album releases you will be able to experience the controllable part which will work as a step towards artistic purity, and through live shows you will be able to experience the impulsive and uncontrollable instincts of the creative being.


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