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  • Avatar for 2Manny
    i love this song
  • Avatar for degregorio
    One of the bests songs of 2007. Without doubt!
  • Avatar for meious
    One of my favorite tracks in the album.
  • Avatar for rosychacon
    ahhhhhhh this song is great live!!!!!! my fav
  • Avatar for sebastiankf
    best song of the new millenium, maybe
  • Avatar for XAVeRY
    I don't mean to bitch here, 'cos I like this song quite much, but what is it about?
  • Avatar for dougydarkangel
    Us kids know, no cars go where we know
  • Avatar for cariroja
    great. if you hear it really loud!!!
  • Avatar for Tanru
    Sheer brilliance!
  • Avatar for ze_miguel
    no cars go-oh so good... XD
  • Avatar for acertainpain
    Damn this is good.
  • Avatar for emorockgirlie
    i love when they go, aaaaahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh...
  • Avatar for raz0rsedge
    Best song on the entire album and the only one i luv from arcade fire :)
  • Avatar for Jabsta
    this is one of my alltime favorite powerful and...just awesome
  • Avatar for sebastiankf
  • Avatar for coleco
    this song is SO brilliant! @coregamer: you're right, but i'd put the start ar 2:50 or 2:55 -> the anticipation is there! :o
  • Avatar for coleco
    their very best song. i prefer the neon bible version over the EP version.
  • Avatar for boynamedjack
    i love this song so much
  • Avatar for Gotfried
    No Cars Go (Live in Paris) is soooooooooooo goood!
  • Avatar for dougydarkangel
    Wow, its so beautiful and moving, the last half with the chanting just bring me to tears, true beauty. Arcade fire are the most orignal band at the moment
  • Avatar for sadicic
    música clásica comercial, temazo!!
  • Avatar for badkamer
    makes me happy
  • Avatar for zcor
    i didn't like arcade fire until i heard this song in the club. amazing energy.
  • Avatar for evilsoybean
    I agree with the person who said the Neon Bible version is more realized. No Cars Go has always been one of my favorite Arcade Fire songs, and I'm glad they found a way to improve upon it.
  • Avatar for Pykie05
  • Avatar for shindig402
    I really like the horn solo... very very much :)
  • Avatar for djaycee68
    It's a great song, whatever the version. They both have an appeal. The very polished, richly orchestrated version of the album, and the grittier one on the EP :) And when I saw them they openend with it, and one of my friends was too late, he was pissed for the rest of the festival :)
  • Avatar for appelmet1been
    best track on NB.
  • Avatar for Ongakka
    im torn between the two, they are both great, i lean toward the EP however
  • Avatar for rayman467
    The Neon Bible version is simply a grander, more realized version. And that is a beautiful thing.
  • Avatar for chronicplutonic
    both versions are ay ok
  • Avatar for heymar
    the neon bible version sucks if you're used to the original
  • Avatar for Risingson
    yep, best track there.
  • Avatar for motionpicture
    Saw this live yesterday and I chooooked up. So great.
  • Avatar for errore
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    i love this song so much


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