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  • theironictea


    last week
  • EDO278


    16 days ago
  • winterdaughter

    i'm still in love with this after so many years [2]

    October 2014
  • Clitorisaurus

    wcif similar organ-tunes

    August 2014
  • daftrol

    "Estou vivendo em uma época, cujo nome não sei, e apesar do medo me manter em movimento, meu coração bate bem devagar".

    June 2014
  • Jonathaanns

    MY BODY IS A... [4]

    May 2014
  • crustlesspie

    i'm still in love with this after so many years

    May 2014
  • tibetandra13

    oh man... the chills I get whenever i listen tot this song! such power

    March 2014
  • zwiecha

    pink floyd

    February 2014
  • Funky-Shit-

    MY BODY IS A... [3]

    February 2014
  • EDO278

    MY BODY IS A... [2]

    January 2014
  • jpzitoleopold

    MY BODY IS A...

    December 2013
  • Godfazou

    One of their best songs

    November 2013
  • jpzitoleopold

    this is great

    November 2013
  • EDO278

    Everytime I hear this song, its sound and lyrics pass through my soul (I'm not kidding)

    October 2013
  • viniciusazevedo

    top 3 best songs of last decade.

    July 2013
  • BenzoMay44

    Very Radioheady, awesome song, feels like something from Amnesiac.

    July 2013
  • Cheezdude

    a couple of my favourite album closers are like that. confrontational, as if trying to urge me into doing something with myself. the other most notable one is Untrustable on Built to Spill's 'Perfect From Now On'

    July 2013
  • Cheezdude

    a call to arms.

    July 2013
  • evanmast

    just because you've forgotten doesn't mean you're forgiven

    June 2013
  • TheLibrarian_

    An amazing end to an amazing album.

    April 2013
  • emorockgirlie

    GORGEOUS. my favorite song in life (prolly). even more amazing live

    April 2013
  • rhondabowlin

    One of the best, so beautifully powerful!

    April 2013
  • Bequeathed

    I will always love you

    March 2013
  • charlieandval

    like it Good description soffa4ka !!

    March 2013
  • TheLibrarian_


    February 2013
  • soFFa4ka

    everytime im listening to this song, i cant describe what im really feeling.. something sadness and absolutely beauty, going straight to the heart and your soul. neverstoping love

    January 2013
  • ginanightmare

    this is amazing

    January 2013
  • Cheezdude

    i live by this. my mind holds the key.

    January 2013
  • mthsmcd

    set my spirit free

    December 2012
  • DenizYlmz


    December 2012
  • otaviozera


    December 2012
  • XDRory

    Has to be one of the top 10 album closers for any album. Ever.

    December 2012
  • ateagle913

    Nice tune....Ty smoothwoman!!!

    November 2012
  • smoothwoman

    This really stays in your mind, I'm loving it!

    November 2012
  • aneasthesia

    Gosh, 2:15....

    November 2012
  • kdahey

    'just because you've forgotten that don't mean you're forgiven'

    November 2012
  • TheSuperCrasher

    Story of my life ...

    October 2012
  • upesupernova

    I cannot express how much I love this song. It's just so powerful, and beautiful, and perfect.

    October 2012
  • rayneonme


    October 2012
  • leisuresuite

    Why is no one talking about that chord change at 3:35 tho?

    September 2012
  • imago_hun

    ...my mind holds the key.

    August 2012
  • alix11

    when i hear this i wonder if this will be our 'classic rock.' you know, the music with staying power.

    July 2012
  • fuzzyreds

    This is gorgeous. Arcade Fire write some of the most impressive music of this age.

    July 2012
  • BrynnerFell

    Shockingly good. This is on another level.

    June 2012
  • Deircass

    This is an astounding ballad.

    June 2012
  • spacecat2003

    set my spirt free,,,, so i can return to my love

    May 2012

    2:10 ~ORGASM~

    April 2012
  • rileyatthedisco

    instant goosebumps at 2:10

    March 2012
  • lolademo

    This song came running to me with scissors. Madly in love with how it cuts me open

    March 2012