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Arcade Fire

Half Light II (No Celebration) (4:27)


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  • No Light No Light.mp3 http://musicnoow.com/v/InneIfuWnIs/mockingjay-no-light-no-light
  • I thought the intro was Robyn, Dancing On My Own...
  • We will remember 2010 for this song
  • Reminds me of "ABBA- When All Is Said And Done"
  • Chill
  • It reminds me New Order :)
  • This song's magnificence is beyond words.
  • I've listened to this song over a 100 times now and it still gives me chills every single time. :)
  • Love this song <3
  • Arcade Fire... you brilliant, brilliant people.
  • This might just be the defining song of the late 2000s.
  • chills. every time.
  • This one reminds me a bit of Bowie and U2 in the '80s
  • "In this town where I was born, I'll now see through a dead man's eyes" Gives me chills every time. Brr!
  • one of the best on the album
  • one day they'll see it's long gone.
  • "Pray to god I won't live to see the death of everything that's wild." Love the lyrics in this one.
  • Arcade Fire use a drum computer (or at least imitate it)? AWESOME! They always try new stuff and I love them for that. Who else can put a big, fat church organ in the middle of Intervention and it just SUITS.
  • I love that song so much...
  • Most Phrophetic song in the world
  • Still my favourite<3
  • what is the instrument at the beginning and throughout the song?
  • This song just made me jump out from my chair and dance all over my room. Which I normally never do.
  • Anyone who doesn't appreciate this album didn't grow up in suburbia
  • "Oh this citys changed so much, since I was a little child" gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Words cannot describe how much this album means to me.
  • This song's about death.
  • This song is perfectly satisfying to me in every single way. It's shocking how much this album has grown on me...it only took me a few months to realize how brilliant the entirety of The Suburbs is.
  • I like this very much.
  • Now that you have left me here, I will never raise my voice
  • One day they will see it's long gone.
  • Sounds a lot like David Bowie's Heroes
  • The vocals on songs like this are a main reason why I like Arcade Fire.
  • Reminds me of My Bloody Valentine
  • I'm a DJ at KPSU, Portand's college radio. I played this song on my show last night. To listen to it go to http://kpsu.org/programs/232
  • I think that's my favorite from the Suburbs
  • lol i was like...robyn? dancing on my own? good shit. [3]
  • reminds me of the decemberists "Crane Wife 3"
  • Major grower!!!
  • great, great!!!!
  • Somebody said you got a new friend...
  • Only now realising just how good this song is.
  • One day we'll see it's long gone.
  • Reminds me of U2. Particularly "With or Without You".
  • best off the suburbs, as others have said.
  • it has grown on me ;)
  • It seems to half-quote both So Far Away from Dire Straits and The Spirit of Radio by Rush (although the overall effect has nothing to do with either song, of course); and that half-helps me to like it :)
  • Best song off the album. Hands down. It's brilliant, phenomenal, and sends shivers down my spine.
  • Whoever dislikes needs to lock themselves in a small box surrounded by concrete.
  • such an amazing tune... this and modern man are easily the best on the album.


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