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  • Avatar for soheil21
    عالیه... حیف دیگه ترک نمیده
  • Avatar for st-jacques
    Чувствуется восточная эстетика\мотив. Очень интересная, на мой взгляд, структура и звучание композиций.
  • Avatar for Psych-O ایرانی ها بیان عضو شن
  • Avatar for inspectchenk
    let download all his albums.
  • Avatar for maguskhoanfaust
    hail to lord aras
  • Avatar for Mindistortioned
    Lunatic's Elegy!!!!!!
  • Avatar for FIELDSOFCORAL
    nice music
  • Avatar for Un_Autre_Con
    So damn good.
  • Avatar for kara-oy
    Making dsm with reed is perfection
  • Avatar for M-elancholium
    Lunatic's Elegy is very beautiful. love it.
  • Avatar for WszystkoDobrze
    Its so amazing!!
  • Avatar for Antihumans
    aya vaghan Lunatic's Elegy kare in goruhe? .... aslan bavaram nemishe ye bande irani hamchin ahange ghavi dashte bashe ...
  • Avatar for Dark-Devourer
    Irani jama@ hamine! be ja inke bande keshvaretoono support konid va naqde sazande bedid fohsh midid! jaye tassof dare . . .
  • Avatar for drunxnotdead
    very good! seems like the drummer has been replaced by a machinegun, at least on ghomry
  • Avatar for Art_GriffoN
    Хей из России! Клёвый блэчара!
  • Avatar for Aeonxul
    if u have please gimme the links of his albums especially new ones[after 2005]
  • Avatar for az_i_dahak
    Absolutely Cow Shit, all made by computer programs except Electric Guitar :))
  • Avatar for the-Babak
    Mind Blowing... Lunatic's Elegy
  • Avatar for madbringer
    Good band. A rare gem of musical quality from that region.
  • Avatar for PP667
    Aras (Irn)
  • Avatar for Marquis-manson
    @youbleediesmile avataret manoo yaade jude law to filme oscar wilde mindaze zamani ke count behesh darkhasteh sexe dahani (fellatio) daeh bood... LOL.
  • Avatar for salisharifi
    mage miShe bachehaYe deV bad kar konan:x
  • Avatar for xxweirdwonderxx
    Amazing band. <3
  • Avatar for Marquis-manson
    In Khoone Rikhte Shodeye Khodast... Oy Freedom This the splattered blood of god....
  • Avatar for zaothra
    maskhare , abru bar, disharmonic, sare kar tarin bande irani dar zamineye metal...
  • Avatar for DarkAegis
    salam, azizan! Man heyli black metal-ra dust daram!
  • Avatar for LordBanoo
    EP 2009... Gharive Dard ... Cool ... http://www.[spam]
  • Avatar for peyman_00
    great music
  • Avatar for haadeus
    There's also a necro black metal band from Finland!
  • Avatar for elathan
  • Avatar for immortal_fess
    Aras is fantastic band! Hail from Belarus!
  • Avatar for Vigridr
  • Avatar for Gutroan
    Daggar In Plate is fucking amazing!
  • Avatar for ARYAVRUKSHA
    Greetings from India and Lord Faustoos room mate
  • Avatar for AlexanderNorway
    "8,692 plays 419 listeners 1,705 plays in your library" Oh, nice :)
  • Avatar for blackmetalistt
    İran'dan beklemezdim helal olsun agalara ;)
  • Avatar for sami22
    BEst iranian Black metal band...
  • Avatar for Mainyu
    Dead soul in the Cage is a great album, especially the eponyme track (Dead soul in the cage), very depressive & destructive.
  • Avatar for VileKyle
    Haha, my friend is from Iran (and certainly doesn't listen to metal) but i decided to check out what bands are from Iran on Metal Archives and have come to find out there's a huge Iranian Black Metal scene. What I don't get is that she says that government forbids such music, so is it strictly an export?
  • Avatar for Kida_Cut
  • Avatar for Sinablue
  • Avatar for AlexanderNorway
  • Avatar for AlexanderNorway
    I've found it! (L)
  • Avatar for Nuntius_Mortis
    *Deserves I meant to say.
  • Avatar for Nuntius_Mortis
    He really deserve our support. He is a great musician and a great guy. A big hail to him \m/
  • Avatar for AlexanderNorway
    I can't find Depressive Rebellion :/
  • Avatar for mrbrutalis
  • Avatar for Nitra666

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