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  1. Arranger: Neo
    Circle: Tutti Sound
    Homepage: http://tutti-sound.com/

  2. Also known as 小柳備前 (Koyanagi Bizen)

    Arranger and manager of DDBY.

    Website: http://ddby.jp

  3. Vocalist: A~YA
    Circle: Swing Holic
    Homepage: http://www.sound-holic.com/swingholic/

  4. Name: Iwakura Komaki

    Circle: flap+frog


  5. まさみティー (MasamiT) belongs to the doujin circle オーライフジャパン (O-Life Japan) and arranges Touhou music in an orchestral and folk-like style.


  6. Dobu Usagi (どぶウサギ) of the doujin circle dBu music is a renowned keytar and synth superstar, responsible for many critically acclaimed Touhou…

  7. name: Ciel
    circle: Capriccioso Cantabile
    www: http://cielbleu.qee.jp/

  8. Tai no Kobone (鯛の小骨) is a major jazz artist of the Japanese doujin music scene. Besides his many collaborations with various circles, he produces…

  9. name: oiko
    circle: N-tone
    www: http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~n-tone/

  10. UI-70 is a Japanese doujin music circle producing rock, heavy metal and, more recently, electronica arranges of Touhou music.

  11. Arranger: 紅い流星 (Akai Ryu-sei)
    Circle: 東京アクティブNEETs
    Homepage: http://active-neets.net/

  12. Circle: Tutti Sound
    Arranger: ネオ

  13. name: MERAMI-POP
    circle: こすもぽりたん / COSMOPOLITAN
    site: http://cosmopolitan.pikka.jp/
    twitter: https://twitter.com/melime93

  14. Golden City Factory is a doujin music group which makes techno/synth arranges from different games, including Ys, Etrian Odyssey and Touhou…

  15. name: takayan
    circle: Like a rabbit
    www: http://likearabbit.web.fc2.com/

  16. Vocalist : 藤宮 ゆき (Yuki Fujimiya )
    Circle: R-Note (formerly Yellow Zebra)
    Homepage: http://www.r-note.jp/
    Former homepage: http://yellow-zebra.com/

  17. Chiba, Japan (2005 - present)

    水橋 ゆっきー (Yukkie Mizuhashi) is a 東方Project (Touhou Project) arranger. His main genres are orchestral, symphonic,…

  18. circle: 彩音 ~xi-on~
    members: 彩音P and φ (fai)
    www: http://xion.art-studio.cc/
    Official Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/xionmusic

  19. Vocalist: うっちー (ucchi)
    Circle: Yellow Zebra
    Homepage: http://yellow-zebra.com/


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