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  • Avatar for eripas
    at the very end of "Night Bell" a man speaks these words very silently "In the morning and the years after you will only remember that it was a dream and it will die as all dreams must die" . Anybody knows where are these words taken from?
  • Avatar for Deminionite
    Griseus is a masterpiece
  • Avatar for InSorteDiabolus
    I WANT new album.
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  • Avatar for FIELDSOFCORAL
  • Avatar for smirkmenn
    actually, this album is about ethics in black metal journalism
  • Avatar for beatboxtoaster
    Loss is so beautiful yet so depressing.
  • Avatar for Svartorn
    Holy shit.
  • Avatar for PerraSuicida
    Sublime <3
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  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
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  • Avatar for JoaoVictorMn
    Majestic :o
  • Avatar for ClassyMusicSnob
    Don't start an ethics discussion here, asshole! >:(
  • Avatar for yourmindsdecide
    not starting an ethics discussion in the comments on an atmospheric black metal artists, but you really shouldn't pirate if you have the chance to do otherwise.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    "do not pirate" bahahahaha how naive can you get ...
  • Avatar for MachineZeit
    I approve of this
  • Avatar for LORDINFERNO666
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  • Avatar for erokezmort
    normal !!!!
  • Avatar for Harmaa_Griffin
    This is so hella awesome I have no words to describe it *___* klkjakakakakajkkk
  • Avatar for melvinkooi
    Actually. This album is damn good.
  • Avatar for keepsilencepls
    My favorite ever.
  • Avatar for usel_varg
    WOW. I randomly stumbled upon this band looking for new bands to listen to, and my mind is blown. This music is absolutely beautiful - I think I have a new favorite atmospheric black metal band.
  • Avatar for LastFid
    dark romantic world
  • Avatar for WitchKvlt13
  • Avatar for IngigerdaG
  • Avatar for RosesOfTomorrow
    Mindblown. Wooosh
  • Avatar for Superdreuzel
    Wow, this band is amazing!
  • Avatar for BloooodMusic
    "Arbor and "Griseus" are now available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon mp3, X-Box Music, Google Play, Rdio, etc. Please stream and purchase via these sites - do not pirate. Money from these sites goes directly to the artist.
  • Avatar for BloooodMusic
    "Arbor" is now on Bandcamp at Name Your Own Price - please pass the word around. Also, "Griseus" and "Arbor" are now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, X-Box Music, Spotify, etc. Enjoy!
  • Avatar for Apatheosis
    They just made their first appearance as a live outfit in Melbourne quite recently.
  • Avatar for C0NVAIR
    Can't get enough of this music, simply exquisite.
  • Avatar for Vetisx
    Bone chilling
  • Avatar for Electro_catze
    Beautiful artwork. [3] <3
  • Avatar for WickedMusician
    Beautiful artwork.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    The EP is nice and Griseus is amazing. Thanks to Blood Music for reissuing the works of this delightful band.
  • Avatar for ArtApprecaitor
    I'm one of the top listeners! Hahahahaha! They're amazing!
  • Avatar for ArtApprecaitor
    Brilliant stuff! Griseus is an absolute delight.
  • Avatar for Alesath
    Absolutely enthralling!
  • Avatar for Van-d-all
    Fantastic. Like a BM version of (old) Opeth :O
  • Avatar for TabooEv
    New album on the way!
  • Avatar for rainandsmoke
    wonderful misic! unbelievably beautiful!
  • Avatar for LORDINFERNO666
    + I do not care about your fucked Emperor asshole, @versionfiv - Suck my dick I'm getting an original copy on this day, so get the hell out of here loser !! AVE AQUILUS - GRISEUS CD...
  • Avatar for ElGranPecador
    Emperor reborn.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    damn already sold out. that sucks for me. was expecting this to sound weak like ne obliviscaris but its pretty decent for this style.
  • Avatar for CosmicPi
  • Avatar for BloooodMusic
    Arbor will be officially released for the first time, remixed and professionally mastered, on LP and CD -- along with Griseus on 2xLP... with pre-orders tomorrow.
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