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Similar Artists

  1. Rose Alliance is Hannes Norrvide.

  2. Marshstepper is more than a just band, they are a perfect extension of the Ascetic House collective that the members have built. Spearheaded…

  3. Tuneful ambient. Melodious industrial. Janushoved. Posh Isolation. Copenhagen, Denmark.

  4. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  5. Cremation Lily is Zen Zsigo & False Moniker is Niels Geybels.

  6. "Bubblegum Industrial" project of Loke Rahbek.

  7. Industrial-techno project of Damian Master.

  8. Tuneful ambient. Melodious industrial.

  9. Amphetamine Logic is Frederikke Hoffmeier.

  10. Puce Mary is the solo project of Copenhagen-based experimental musician Frederikke Hoffmeier. Closely affiliated with the punk scene that grew…

  11. www.soundcloud.com/maoupa-mazzocchetti

  12. Assisting genocide, they need tragedy, peeled-off faces. The track titles from this Stockholm-based producer say it all. Not only connecting with…

  13. Industrial project from Blodrøde Floder, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  14. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  15. Apparently, there are more than one band called Ligature.

    1) An instrumental sample based producer from the East Coast who looked up the name…

  16. Alocasia Garden is the moniker of UK-based experimental musician Reece Thomas Green (of Vanity Pill.)

  17. Rhythmic Power Electronics duo of Loke Rahbek & Kristian Emdal.

  18. Danish experimental industrial/ambient from Janushoved, Copenhagen.

  19. A collaboration between Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti (of Throbbing Gristle; Chris & Cosey; CTI; The Genetic Terrorists; Carter Tutti; X-TG)…


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