• Bloodstock Open Air 2012: The Review

    14 Aug 2012, 18:14 by Joe_Towse

    Thu 9 Aug – Bloodstock Open Air 2012

    A terrible group rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ accompanies the shuttle bus transfer from Lichfield to Catton Hall. My hand is numb and my fingers are practically lacerated from carrying a poor plastic bag filled with food and beer from the local Tesco. I need to piss. But there is nothing which can detract from the fact that in a few minutes’ time, we will be arriving at the 2012 edition of Bloodstock Open Air.

    90 minutes later, the tents are up, the first beer is consumed, and we head over to the arena, which should be opening. It’s very hot. The gates open, and the carnage duly begins. We start with a brief look around the stalls – at first, CDs and t-shirts both seem rather expensive, but there are some cheaper stalls (I pick up 4 CDs over the weekend).

    But anyway, to the bands. The first band of the weekend, and one of the two I see on Thursday is Saturnian. They play the same music as Dimmu Borgir, but on a lower scale. …
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