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  • Avatar for Veselar
    Looking for "Industry" and "Flesh", anybody have it?
  • Avatar for HANK80af
    Pues seré el único comentario acá del 2013 xD.
  • Avatar for kum_harris
    FinckBh -
  • Avatar for Mortom
    Are Industry and Flesh even possible to find?
  • Avatar for Metal135
    twórczy ten opis xD
  • Avatar for ST44
    Bardzo obiektywny opis zespołu ;)
  • Avatar for epithymetikon
    i'm also looking for "Flesh" and "Industry" so feel free to notice me if you find them!
  • Avatar for Son-Of-Satan
    Anyone know were i can get the "Flesh" demo iv seen on so many metal sites?
  • Avatar for Bysiek5
  • Avatar for Howtoraiseox
    Uau, uau, uau, uau. God Leaves (And Dies) is cool!
  • Avatar for Alfa-Beta
    I would probably say "Go fuck yourself, dear", but I suppose that such a comment would be just as disagreeable as your words are. Obviously, no-one does necessarily have to agree with the greatness of the Apollyon Sun music, but I believe that quite a few people would in fact be much greetiful if insults were avoided.
  • Avatar for nanjamonja
    Finally heard Sub, and I don't find it very good. It sounds very "late 90s", with an accent on a soon-to-be very dated wannabe industrial production, and okay-but-not-great riffs. Tom's vocals are nice.
  • Avatar for Terrasidius
    man i REALLY want sub!
  • Avatar for Alfa-Beta
    Not shameful, this is offensive! This is a very underrated band, they deserve more much attention, the music is excellent!
  • Avatar for smooker
    Hehe, me too! :D
  • Avatar for HeikkiS
    DAMN, I bought Sub for 2,90€ :P
  • Avatar for Teishi
    Insane bargain find at less than EUR 1... bordering on shameful, damn good stuff!
  • Avatar for n30maN_Xt0rtI0N
    hey have you already heard a song from their first demo called Relinquished Body?? I found that they are probably on to something new
  • Avatar for matze_74
    apollyon sun's debut ep is brilliant. sub also has some great songs!
  • Avatar for ixion75
    with all the due attention (rightly) being paid to the new Frost record, I can't help mention that there was good stuff on this record too. Slender might be one of the best things TGF ever does.

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