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  • Avatar for LAHardwave
    hardwave rock
  • Avatar for BlitzKiddo
    Fifa 99.
  • Avatar for abdelghani23
    Stop the Rock
  • Avatar for DaniMaverick
    Temazos increíbles tienen y tendrán, pero sin duda siempre me quedaré con mi favorito por todo lo alto: Stop the Rock
  • Avatar for SolidKime
    @idastik It's Ukrainian band - TNMK- (Dance on the Kongo Square) from Kharkiv singing
  • Avatar for Demony
    Старый Apollo 440 вернись!
  • Avatar for uruno-kun
    @idastik I think it's Ukrainian which makes more sense since Odessa is a Ukrainian city.
  • Avatar for Jason1087
    Rumble / Spirit Of America ❤
  • Avatar for idastik
    Odessa Dubstep - it's really russian words in song?
  • Avatar for Tim32
    Love Is Evil very good.
  • Avatar for BigBadBruin
    А новый альбом то ничего, слушать приятно, получаешь удовольствие, а что ещё надо меломану ? ) Хочется выделить особенно понравившиеся Love is evil и Odessa Dubstep )
  • Avatar for j3lle
    The newest album is great!
  • Avatar for Muzlag
    Love Is Evil
  • Avatar for Tim32
    brootall, ну да. Так и есть. Мне он нравится, но старые альбомы гораздо лучше.
  • Avatar for Klauss_Z
    heard Lost in Space on Radio Ultra. fell in love with.
  • Avatar for mark-weaver
    Hello, I have uploaded a new album called: Mountain Meditation. you will find 14 instrumental tracks for relaxing and enjoy. I would be glad if you will have a listen to my newest album: greetings from austria, markus
  • Avatar for brootall
    Tim32, грустно, если так.
  • Avatar for Tim32
    Новый альбом сильно на Pendulum похож)
  • Avatar for karolek6436
    This shit is goooood.
  • Avatar for theoffspring91
    come to chile
  • Avatar for LadyThriller92
    Come to Italy!!!!
  • Avatar for j3lle
  • Avatar for Krach88
    cymbergaj ! [2] Great new album! [2]
  • Avatar for airzim
    Nevermind :) .... found it: ''Hi Folks - don't forget you can pick up a free track here: and The Future's What It Used To Be is out tomorrow. Thanks for all the loyal support.''
  • Avatar for airzim
    I was waiting for over a year and now they did not include that song on the album ... (starting at 0:58) anyone knows where to get it?
  • Avatar for bassqueen-
  • Avatar for True4Exe
    Great new album!
  • Avatar for j3lle
    Good electro beat with some nice guitar rifs on the way <3
  • Avatar for ende_neu81
    embarassing shit.
  • Avatar for Kolodziej35
    cymbergaj !
  • Avatar for Fukkenmensch
    Odessa Dubstep (feat. Oleh «Fahot» Mihailyuta of TNMK) !!!!!
  • Avatar for Ambientnight
    Smoke & Mirrors
  • Avatar for AdamHawk
    The new album is good. Not as good like "Electro Glide in Blue" or even "Gettin' high on your own supply" but much better then the others. I really like it.
  • Avatar for edersonz
    didn't like the new album, only 2 or 3 good songs... opinions.
  • Avatar for a_strin
    Odessa Dubstep! [2]
  • Avatar for an-gy
    Glad to hear from them again. It's not like the best album of all times, but it's definitely very good.
  • Avatar for BateGoikoo
    Odessa Dubstep!
  • Avatar for blind_clown
    New album is .. cheap. Nothing really special. But I´ve never been big fan of Apollo 440 except for Electro Glide In Blue album.
  • Avatar for 4erepawko
    'The Future's What It Used To Be' - so far the best album of 2012
  • Avatar for Suwabara
    The Future's What It Used to Be - awesome! <3
  • Avatar for rvr1013
    New album is fun, but where's the A440 what it used to be.
  • Avatar for elmouse
    The new album is so primitive. So cool. :) Like a time travel to the 90's.
  • Avatar for VM93
    New album??? :Q__
  • Avatar for Abooisonfire
  • Avatar for anfecor
    what the hell? new album sounds like crap
  • Avatar for infectedmodes
    [group]We Love British Bands[/group]
  • Avatar for Rasic_
    Odessa Dubstep <3
  • Avatar for CrimbleCrumble
    now you can listen to new album ... first song Stay Frosty sound good :)
  • Avatar for Screamolover
    I hope there will be some tour for new album too - come to Cracow or Ostrava!
  • Avatar for brownieboy
    I like the single of "Stop the Rock" has an awesome b-side on it titled "Stakeout".


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