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  • Avatar for ZombiePsyche
    Agreed with Fooshikins, Apex has always been the best & brightest of Drum & Bass. Would really like to know if we'll ever get any more tracks from him.
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Bandcamp [url=]MMXIV[/url]: Awesome shit! The physical copies of the EP will be available soon as well. |m|
  • Avatar for Fooshikins
    Anyone know what happened to drum and bass Apex? Can't find anything apart from other people asking the same.
  • Avatar for iPowder
    YouTube [url=]Nonentity[/url]: Another sick track off the upcoming EP "MMXIV" that's due out on June 7th! |m|
  • Avatar for Duck-My-Sick
    Agrooved is fucking awesome!!!
  • Avatar for puqpet
    Hey guys check out our debut album ''[url=]Agrooved[/url]''!
  • Avatar for iPowder
    YouTube [url=]Mortifier w/Lyrics[/url]: This track is some seriously fierce shit! The upcoming ep 'MMXIV" is gonna be a facemelter. \m/
  • Avatar for Cryptorium
    Really good stuff!
  • Avatar for Denrik117
  • Avatar for Bulykin17
    Inner Space шедевр.
  • Avatar for Sieben99
    v1adiS(3. Apr., 15:46)wrote: Surrender!................................................................................................................................. Haha, Oooohhyeeesssssss!
  • Avatar for Atreyufansrock
  • Avatar for EraizZa
    Omega Point EP!!! :O [7]
  • Avatar for MjuSIC
    ...Omega is omega...
  • Avatar for mattit
    Omega Point EP!!! :O [6]
  • Avatar for xFareNx
    First I heard Inner Space and I was stunned. Then I've checked more of his songs. Pure eargasm!
  • Avatar for v1adiS
  • Avatar for councilof9
    Just love Omega Point! Wooow!
  • Avatar for StrangePooP
    Omega Point EP!!! :O [5]
  • Avatar for Beavis888
    The best of anything.
  • Avatar for HarrisonSort
  • Avatar for StreamHeaven
    Omega Point EP!!! :O
  • Avatar for RADENYARA
    Omega Point EP!!! :O [3]
  • Avatar for HilariousBeard
    Omega Point EP!!! :O [2]
  • Avatar for gipers16
    Omega Point EP!!! :O
  • Avatar for LETBACK
    Why the fuck is a dubstep remix most played?!
  • Avatar for priedits
    nowhere to run is reallly awesome.
  • Avatar for O_liVi_A
  • Avatar for CayMetal
  • Avatar for ZombiePsyche
    Maybe my current favorite Neurofunk... Oh man!
  • Avatar for TheOrgy
  • Avatar for Grubah
    This dude really knows how to get my ass in motion!!! xD
  • Avatar for exaze
    Inner Space owns!!!!
  • Avatar for Crusheer
    Same Old Blues is nasty!
  • Avatar for allsoppy4
    Such a brilliant producer!!
  • Avatar for artuur
    I LOVE APEX!!!
  • Avatar for positif_
    Nowhere to run this time.
  • Avatar for Kam4z
  • Avatar for t3hpez
  • Avatar for Mishalov
  • Avatar for techneurone
    what about "apex has killed a man"?
  • Avatar for Zdrfk
    Emo funk!!!
  • Avatar for gray_eminence
    Nowhere to run from these soundz, yeahh!
  • Avatar for Tokage15
    think you know music? join these games to test out your knowledge: [group]obscure music game[/group], [group][game] music knowledge challenge[/group], [group]not another pointless game[/group]
  • Avatar for MidPhuck
  • Avatar for zabij
    He slays. Damn..., he really does.
  • Avatar for allsoppy4
  • Avatar for Zdrfk
    By the way & The yearning are ftw !
  • Avatar for leoncito80
    Apex a group Eurodance with a great song "Let Me Be". Eurodance forever
  • Avatar for WJK-Producer
    I cant find any weak track from Apex, for real!


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