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  • Avatar for NeoDoogMan
    excited to see if this kickstarter pans out! If it does, we get a bunch of cool bonus tracks...
  • Avatar for webdoox
    I just can't believe that nobody mentions 'Perfect Forever' which is by far the best Anubis Gate album on my opinion. It has the perfect amount of heavy, progressive and melodic parts, well constructed and lyrically deep with unique feeling and atmosphere. Torben Askholm might not be the best singer, but he delivers it excellent on this album. Later albums are good, but I found them too 'polished' and a lot of songs kind of generic, senseless. Yet, a couple of tracks are masterpieces, like Pyramids from The Detached and Hold Back Tomorrow and Desiderio Omnibus from Anubis Gate album.
  • Avatar for Darugonis
    personally I found the four albums from andromeda unchained onwards to be superb in their own right, but if I really had to choose I would have to give horizons a very slight edge over the other three
  • Avatar for krilz
    Interesting discussions below. For me, Andromeda Unchained was unrivaled for such a long time, but now I love the self-titled one way more. Henrik Favres vocals are much more to my liking. I actually also think The Detached is one of their weaker ones to be completely honest.
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    A couple tracks on "Horizons" centered around the theme of "Dreams", which was sort of neat, but I would love to see them try a full-on concept album again sometime. :-)
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    "Horizons" took awhile, but it really grows with time. The self titled was great too, but "Andromeda Unchained" & "The Detached" are just simply on another level. Perhaps Hansen's vocals were slightly better, but I don't think it really had much to do with the singer change. Personally, I think what separates those 2 albums from the others is that they were full on sci-fi concept albums, with immersive & well thought out story-lines. The Spacey/Sci-Fi themes fit the band's style of modern progressive metal like a glove, with their subtle use of electronic effects having more of a purpose. The music on the last 2 albums with Ferve on vocals is technically just as good, but they don't even come close to matching the immersive atmosphere of the Hansen albums.
  • Avatar for r0ryb0ryalis
    It's so interesting how varied everyone's opinions on the band's best works are. I loved Andromeda, adored the self-titled, but for me Horizons is far and above one of the greatest albums ever made! Can't wait to see them in Atlanta this year for ProgPower.
  • Avatar for WarriorSoul_
    I agree, both "Andromeda Unchained" and "The Detached" are my fave albums too. Outstanding vocals by Hansen.
  • Avatar for BeyondEternity
    Andromeda Unchained / The Detached will forever be unmatched, bring back Jacob Hanson.
  • Avatar for MultiverseMann
    Horizons is Hypnotic. Can´t get enough of it. Simply Amazing
  • Avatar for talski
    for me, Horizons gets better the more I listen to
  • Avatar for tyuubatu
    He likes very much touch of an intense sound and tempo, and the foreign country which drifts faintly.
  • Avatar for ZadionApocalaya
    Horizons wears off quickly, IMO. I loved it a lot at first, but it seems like every time I listen to it I love it a little less. Their S/T is still leagues ahead of anything else they've done.
  • Avatar for MetalRock1989
    Great new album 4/5.
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    Outstanding new album..surely will be one of the best prog albums of the year. Revolution Come Undone is my fav so far
  • Avatar for Puffnstuff
    I'm listening to the new album right now and it just isn't doing it for me like their previous releases have. At this point my favorite album so far this year is Lacuna Coil's Broken Crown Halo.
  • Avatar for Wichssocke
    great new album!
  • Avatar for r0ryb0ryalis
    Horizons looks like it's on track to being one of the most under-appreciated albums of 2014! Really powerful stuff.
  • Avatar for MultiverseMann
    New Album is so Great!! A Dream Within a Dream!!
  • Avatar for Nehebkau11
    this band sucks camels dick
  • Avatar for KiuasWarrior
    This album is growing on me more and more... as well as the band.
  • Avatar for ryujijitei
    Horizons is a solid step up from the s/t. I was hesitant about it for a while, but it turned out pleasantly.
  • Avatar for MystCall
    New album is really damn good.
  • Avatar for Lesanderd
    New album is simply amazing!!!
  • Avatar for savaman
    Great new album in every sense, best 2014 album so far ?
  • Avatar for Lvondas
    Horizons is the best first listen I've ever had of an Anubis Gate album.
  • Avatar for r0ryb0ryalis
    Really liking [url=]Never Like This[/url]!
  • Avatar for WarriorSoul_
    New album "Horizons" sounds promising on teaser. Andromeda Unchained will remain forever unbeatable, though.
  • Avatar for phellipe-
    New EP!!!
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    Check out the new song [url=]Destined To Remember[/url], from their new EP "Sheep"
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    Andromeda Unchained, good record.
  • Avatar for LefterisDel
    check my band! you will love it if you like some good prig-metal!!!
  • Avatar for PhoenixShredds
    One of my favorite modern prog metal bands. Just awesome. Heavy, dynamic, atmospheric, melodic, powerful. Henrik did a good job on vocals on the latest release, but I do really miss Jacob's vocals. He was just fantastic.
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    Great band.... Options - Going Nowhere <3
  • Avatar for octobermoon29
    Lost in Myself fucking amazing song !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for JudasChrist
    Sorely underrated.
  • Avatar for maxson924
    Just listened to Andromeda Unchained, and I think I've found my newest awesome band.
  • Avatar for rinkxing
    One of the few prog bands that I can really dig. Fun stuff.
  • Avatar for Rubberbandman16
    Thanx 4 the heads up
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    Just a little heads up...apparently Anubis Gate is half-way through the writing process of a new album! Can't wait for that, the last 3 albums have been flawless. In the meantime, I strongly recommend Anubis Gate fans to check out the solo album "A Moment In Chiros" by [url=]Lance King[/url]. It's not just any solo album -- not only is it produced by ex-Anubis Gate singer Jacob Hansen, but Kim Olsen from Anubis Gate does the guitars and keyboards on it. The result is something that sounds quite similar to Anubis Gate. The keyboard intro for [url=]"Infinite Divine"[/url] sounds a bit like the intro to "Hold Back Tomorrow", and the opening riff for [url=]"The Awakening"[/url] also sounds like the opening riff for "Hold Back Tomorrow". It's not as progressive overall as AG, but has a similar production and that modern/Sci-Fi atmosphere is also present.
  • Avatar for FedoraPower
    Lost in Myself \o/
  • Avatar for Hopkinator
    Solid find
  • Avatar for Gurr
    S/t is great. I loved Jacobs vocals with Beyond Twilight but his work with Anubis Gate sounds too Labrie whine'ish for my tastes. The guy singing on their latest album (bassist, right?) has a really original sound. World in a Dome and Golden Days are my favourites but all songs are great except maybe Facing Dawn which has an annoying chorus.
  • Avatar for LanceKingVox
    killer my friends!
  • Avatar for Scython
    Their latest album is definitely the best one so far for me.
  • Avatar for ZadionApocalaya
    @Metalspic The S/T is their best overall IMO, but The Detached is a very close second.
  • Avatar for Shyamar
    @Metalspic rest of their albums maybe:)
  • Avatar for barcisz
    like them :)
  • Avatar for arashkh
    @metalspic: try Andromeda Unchained. masterpiece!
  • Avatar for Metalspic
    I need more Anubis Gate. MORE. MOAR. MÁS! I've only heard their debut and their s/t. Recommendations?


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