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  • Avatar for petrusdel_fim
    omg omg omg omg omg helppp meeeeeeeeee omggg this is so beautiful, oh god..
  • Avatar for imbonebroke
    Ooh now it's passing, ooh now I'm dancing! <3
  • Avatar for queerella
    how many songs about epilepsy have u heard anyway
  • Avatar for pollepet
  • Avatar for msfliss
    Quite possibly the best song about epilepsy ever written.
  • Avatar for Monade2010
    ♥ ♫¸¸.• ♪ ° ♥ ♫¸¸.• ♥ ° brilliant ° ♥ ♫¸¸.•.¸¸ ♫ ♥ ° ♫ •
  • Avatar for Tahula
    That sentence certainly reminds me of Joy Division's frontier, Ian. :3
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    ian is dancing. [2]
  • Avatar for blutterbrot
    this is so beautiful. i'm dying.
  • Avatar for natea25
    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee♥ his voice is awesome ♥
  • Avatar for openandrewind
    if anyone cries glitter, I am sure it would be Antony... his music is so sad
  • Avatar for blueskyfrank
  • Avatar for splitin2
    ian is dancing.
  • Avatar for ranzetti
    unique voice
  • Avatar for AverageFallacy
    This song is so eerie. I adore it.
  • Avatar for radiohedge
    Cut me in quadrants. Leave me in the corner. Leaves me breathless everytime.
  • Avatar for lucypud
    Great track, reminds me a little of early Roxy Music! :)
  • Avatar for kimrazs
    abbey road <3
  • Avatar for minigol
    Epilepsy Is Dancing
  • Avatar for BreezinAlong
    how sad.. yet making an optimistic point of view, to think of it as a dance .. sigh still sad
  • Avatar for Fonded
    Catchy_Kathy, thought the same, while listening
  • Avatar for madanonymous
    Not totally related to the song, but I find it pretty funny that the banner ad that loaded on this page was "managing seizures" and "ask a neurologist".
  • Avatar for suziheidinger
    i think antony's voice is angelic...
  • Avatar for tettigonia
    special !
  • Avatar for burngadget
    this is so pure!
  • Avatar for MISHA_KOVAK
    Вот... Вот.... замечательно.
  • Avatar for TweeLittleThing
    @Namey - Handy hint, there's a ban button if you don't like something. Press it and keep your moronic comments to yourself.
  • Avatar for ManHabilis
    Every once in a while, an original voice and sound comes along... this is one and it's wonderful.
  • Avatar for blutterbrot
  • Avatar for ivh17
    love the music,the songs,the vice,just love everything
  • Avatar for MrMorizon
    Seriously, what a voice. This guy is so extremely underrated, it's incredible. He deserves much more, when he starts singing you just shut up and listen.
  • Avatar for Namey
    Is this an Anal Cunt cover or what cos epilepsy is pretty freaking far from dancing, I guess this Antony dork's never seen a seizure it's not very pretty at all and neither are this guy's overwrought warblyass tunes
  • Avatar for indie-burberry
  • Avatar for nahsha
    its like heaven on earth
  • Avatar for oliverjoh
    Antony, you are fantastic
  • Avatar for susuberry
    Godlike music.
  • Avatar for dyna-soar
    beautiful. nh.
  • Avatar for Eballezza
    Great name for a song
  • Avatar for needmymusictoda
    awesome -lll
  • Avatar for floodedsleeves
  • Avatar for epiphanygene
    how i seen your ghost witching
  • Avatar for Lusildo
    кстати, очень круто вживую на видео поет
  • Avatar for Lusildo
    розріж мене на шматооочкииии, залиш у куточкууууу : )
  • Avatar for PieprziCynamon
    i think dostojewski like this song in his weird heaven he said that the few seconds before the epilepsy attack were the best moments in his life
  • Avatar for Zoltanrah
    Epilepsy Is Dancing
  • Avatar for Christien67
    Don't judge a book by his cover.....the feeling is sincere...
  • Avatar for makelovemakewar
    epilepsy IS dancing! xxx
  • Avatar for ruby_vespa
    Mojo magazine May 2009 asked Antony Hegarty where the line "I'm finding my rhythm as I twist in the snow" came from. He replied: "I just made it up. We're all twisting in the snow, trying to figure out who we are and how we can be in balance and harmony with the environment. I had this idea of a seizure, of being totally out of control physically, and then looking back on it and seeing choreography to it. I put to a waltz for that reason. It's formal. You look at it from a local perspective and none o it makes sense, but then you step back and see that it's a pattern. Even in times of trauma everything is as it should be. Seemingly terrible events form you. There's tenderness to things being broken."
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