• New video: Smooth, "Slow It Down" by Antoine Smith

    17 Jul 2011, 01:30 by mzkool

    Listening to Slow It Down by, Antoine Smith. Please give a shout out!!!

    Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjIznENgQ7k&feature=player_embedded

  • New Single: "City In The Sea" by Antoine Smith on Last.fm!

    12 May 2011, 09:28 by mzkool

    Listen to a new track, City In The Sea good and smooth sounds!

    Read Antoine Smith's Song Reviews and more here: Song Reviews

    Also, you can read Antoine Smith's blog here: Blog

    His song is not for sale yet but is released for listening. Please stop by and let this young man know if you like it at Antoine Smith

    See you around.

  • Antoine Smith Bio (complete)

    18 Apr 2011, 23:39 by mzkool

    Antoine C. Smith, born Aug. 1, 1992 (BMI member) is a jazz and other genres composer, drummer, keyboardist, singer, rapper, and producer. The 6’1” underrated artist has produced 11 jazz fusion albums from age 15. In 2008 by age 18, his 6th album “All That Jazz” got him signed under an independent label Turn On Records (a subsidiary of EROICA who is a leading classical recording major label.)

    Smith’s jazz uniquely allures his fans by “creating melodic journeys that soothes the mind." He distinctively entices a “wine and cheese” plateau atmosphere with his therapeutic grooves. His professional background proves he is a hard working songwriter by saying...“he writes everyday.”

    His compositions are formulated from jazz/world/pop/j-pop/rhythm & blues/rap/hip-hop and nu-jazz. Pseudo names for his rap and hip-hop: DJ Night Writer and Cleveland Milez. Smith’s rap/hip-hop, and rhythm & blues is popular for his originals and remakes on Youtube that many local and indie rappers frequently use for their mix-tapes. …
  • Antoine Smith Jazz Discography 2

    10 Apr 2011, 17:07 by mzkool

    Hello Everyone: I got a new update on Antoine Smith today.


    Mr. Smith has a new video that details all of his latest jazz collections:

    Watch his video here: Antoine Smith Jazz Discography 2


    Antoine Smith
    Turn On Records

    Have a jazzy weekend! Ninna
  • Music Professionals Comments on Antoine Smith's "City In The Sea"

    8 Apr 2011, 11:58 by mzkool

    From what I gathered from THE PEOPLES MUSIC AWARDS on the internet, it is based out of London, being first in universal awards for unsigned artists all over the world. Votes are based on fans to participate in a process for their favorite unsigned artists compositions. After weekly wins in the contest, the best Top 5 Finalists are chosen to go up against each other for the remaining 2 winners. THE PEOPLES MUSIC AWARDS ceremony is held in April for 1st Place winners.

    Songwriter/artist, Antoine Smith has been selected in Top 5 Finalists for two consecutive years, for his track (runner up year 2010), "Mythical" from his cd MYTHICAL and his unreleased track (runner up year 2011), "City In The Sea." He seems to know how to gain positive attention from UK fans to complete fantastic exposure for his cd's.

    Although there is always room for improvement in composition, performance, and production, Smith seems to take constructive criticism very well in his personal…
  • Winner of the Pro Soul Alliance Indie Artist Contest - 2009!

    28 Mar 2011, 16:50 by mzkool

    The following is by verbatim from Pro Soul...

    Congratulations to the Pro Soul Alliance Indie artist contest winners!
    We now have our two winners in the recent Pro Soul Alliance next great Indie artist contest!

    There was some great talent that entered so it was a tough decision to make…

    Congratulations goes to Antoine C. Smith indie composer/artist and aspiring producer, that “loves to write everyday” – This gifted, now 17-year-old first rate drummer and pianist composes and plays contemporary jazz and other genres. Antoine is actively pursuing his music career receiving rave reviews as a very popular young artist on the air in rotation of many wonderful hosts on Blog Talk Radio, Black Talk Radio (e.g. Black Teen Enpowerment Radio). Along with composing his music in the tradition of the original jazz masters, his future plans include to enter an excellent music college, and continue his studies in composition and performance. His winning track “Emotional Explosion” blew the team…