• Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox - End of Daze Album Launch @ Horse Bazaar.

    19 Jan 2009, 12:11 by ArcH13

    The day (actually night) be 15th January in the year of 2009.

    Two men, warriors of their chosen fields, come together to promote their new plastic disk in cardboard packaging.

    This be Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox, the collaboration of Electronic musician/laptop legend/lazer extrodonair/programmer/etc. Robin Fox and Experimental musican/composer/synthefficianado/etc. Anthony Pateras.

    The new album End Of Daze out on Editions Mego.

    This gig went down as all Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox gigs do, Pateras doing his tradmark vocal gymnastics and mouth sounds, samples and Analogue Modular Synth twiddling. Fox doing what he does best, glitch everything to hell, controllers and laptop fuckery, with the man behind the beard.

    They preformed their new album in it's entirety as well as many old favourites, all in full 6.1 surround sound. An epic cachophony if there ever was one, glitches flying all around the room. Drones circleing, and odd sounds everywhere.
  • Rafael Toral, Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox @ The Toff In Town

    13 Aug 2008, 14:51 by ArcH13

    Sun 6 Jul – Rafael Toral, Robin Fox, Anthony Pateras

    At the ever loverly Toff in Town, we were to sample the delights that are Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox , followed by Rafael Toral.

    Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox laid out a wonderful set, filled with a mix of old and new. The old preformed flawlessly but with that live vibe we all know and love. The new comprising of more samples and synth, have a much more complex textural sound, varying more you could say. Pateras's macbookair was reall getting a work out with all the crazy typing/sampling. Anthony was also using his new Doepfer A-100 modular synth, along with his contact and dynamic microphones. The mess of cables and equiptment was beautiful.

    Rafael Toral. Interesting and intriguing that's for sure. The control he has over his (self made) instruments is quite astounding. Especially considering most only respond to touch or rely on controlled feedback.
    The first instrument was a handheld marshall mini stack with a filtered microphone attached to it. …
  • Cyclic Defrost Review Index (up to Dec 2005 and Issue 12)

    9 Feb 2006, 11:17 by sebsnarl


    See full hyperlinked index at http://www.cyclicdefrost.com/all_index.php?type=2


    !!! - Louden Up Now (Warp/Inertia) (Issue #008 (June 2004))
    13 & God - Self-Titled (Anticon/Stomp) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    @c - V3 (Cronica) (Issue #009 (November 2004))


    A Gun Called Tension - A Gun Called Tension (Rogue/Inertia) (Issue #012 (September 2005))
    A Hawk and a Hacksaw - s/t (Leaf/Inertia) (Issue #009 (November 2004))
    A Silver Mt Zion - Horses In The Sky (Constellation/Inertia) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    A-ux - Duotone (Sigma Records) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    Accelera Deck - Pop Polling (Scarcelight) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    Adult - D.U.M.E (Thrill Jockey/Inertia) (Issue #012 (September 2005))
    AGF - Language Is The Most (Quecksilber) (Issue #008 (June 2004))
    agf/Vladislav Delay - Explode (AGF/Inertia) (Issue #011 (May 2005))
    Ai Yamamoto - Euphonius (Outer) (Issue #012 (September 2005))
    Aidan Baker - Cicatrice (Dreamland) (Issue #008 (June 2004))