• Megaphone Theology

    16 Dec 2006, 18:46 by rhythm_isa_mre

    Hooray! The new My Life Story album arrived in the post today, and a T-shirt too! Makes up for the incompetent staff at the Astoria that wouldn't let me go buy anything (grr!). Anyway, it's not actually a new album but a collection of B-sides and rarities from the last decade or so of their existence and here's my track by track review!

    Megaphone Theology

    Disc One = Going Out

    1. Emerald Green

    This was a B-side on Sparkle so I'm led to believe, and started a little experiment for the band where they seemed to be trying to do as many songs with the title including the phrase Emerald Green as possible. In the sleevnotes, Jake states that the influence behind this was Ken Nordene, who I assume was a jazz musician and guitars influenced by Generation X. Anyway, I can't believe this song was buried away as a B-side for so long! They performed it at the Astoria and it sounds as good as any of their singles do! 4/5

    2. Stuck Up Your Own Era