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  • She has such a great and versatile voice...
  • De tandjes...die nieuwe nederlandstalige track is echt slecht!
  • I wish she would make another album like Sad Singalong Songs... [2]
  • I wish she would make another album like Sad Singalong Songs...
  • New Day <3
  • New album is so far from the previous one! :( This dull jazzy pop is everywhere now. In fact, Anouk has just one great album for me - 'Sad Singalong Songs'! Unfortunately, I guess, it was out of the ordinary. (
  • Last Goodbye<3
  • new album,thank you so much, love it
  • new album is amazing
  • her voice is so majestic
  • Places To Go é mais que perfeição <3
  • Places To Go, new single and new video
  • BasementBrother, I understand... But 'He could be the one you can turn your blind eye to' - isn't it too much for a lover/husband? ))) Well, maybe I think too globally...
  • much*
  • @tarjever She wrote the songs and obviously has a big part in the direction and making of the videos. I think Anouk herself knows best what her songs are about. I think the videos are absolutely flawless the way they are. Too mich death is not an argument, if you ask me.
  • deboor010 and Dunnemin go and buy a life. i wonder why people go to artist that doesn't like pages just to hate.. actually, do we care who is fucking with or the music that she makes?? she can be a nun, or a prostitute, as long as she still makes good music just like the past 20 years
  • You & I ❤ [2] Anouk should promote her music outside the Netherlands [2]
  • @tarjever anouk let the director to make a film with those songs.. so that had to have something related, call it death or call it those birds.
  • You & I ❤ [3]
  • Happy Birthday! ❤❤❤ *too much death ))
  • About her official videos... I'd heard the songs (Sad Singalong Songs) before, and I'd imagined absolutely other pictures! And, to be honest, I really don't think these videos suit well to the lyrics. 1.) To much death in the clips... It's a usual thing for young men, but these songs were written by a grown-up woman and they are NOT about death, although they are sad ('Birds', 'The Good Life')! 2.) The great 'Kill' song is NOT about an adulterer in any way! 'He could be The One Who Knows' - it's more about some Teacher... a very important one, maybe, even about Christ! Who did compose these videos, I wonder?
  • Sad Singalong Songs were much more interesting. ^^
  • You & I ❤ [2] Anouk should promote her music outside the Netherlands
  • Are You Lonely is the best song on Sad Singalong Songs Album ❤
  • You & I ❤
  • Sad Singalong Songs is a fantastic album. Definitely one of my faves from 2013 :) Would recommend everyone to listen to it :-)
  • Still one of my favorite musicians in the Netherland; gig in Arnhem was great!! Have a lovely 2014!!
  • "Are You Lonely" is a great song.
  • Sad Singalong Songs is pretty good!
  • Sad Singalong Songs <3 [6]
  • she loves black peen, i can't blame her tbh. sad singalong songs <33
  • She only likes men with at least 24 cm, she calls herself a wigger. SHE IS A RACIST!
  • Did you know that Anouk shits sad birds?
  • She gets mad when people call her niggerlover on fb ?!
  • Hey guys, please watch my cover of Anouks "Birds": ; Thanx.
  • Ты лучшая!
  • "I'm that true blond proud wigger". *facepalm* R.I.P. Anouk.
  • wow new single already?? Wigger<3 <3
  • Birds ❤
  • I was so surprised to see she has a new single out. Wigger <3
  • The Good Life ❤
  • Why do Dutch people speak as if they have dicks in their mouths?
  • Sad Singalong Songs <3 [5]
  • pretty
  • Sad Singalong Songs is one of the most remarkable albums of this year.
  • Pretending as always is the next single.
  • Her new album is wonderful. ❤ [2]
  • me encanta el concepto de su nuevo trabajo. Los videos son un muy buen trabajo
  • kill <33333333333333 su ultimo disco es magistral


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