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Annotations of an Autopsy is a band from Lowestoft, England, UK.

They formed in late 2006 with the purpose of writing childish, stupid, idiotic, pig squealing deathcore and playing it without passion, aggression or determination to insure they ruined the music scene worldwide. Influenced by bands such as Devourment, Waking The Cadaver, Underoath, the acacia strain, Job For A Cowboy, Bring Me The Horizon, aborted and by gay sex, mixing shitty death metal with even shittier hardcore music to form their own brand of gay-ass . Releasing their first EP "welcome to sludge city" in may 2007 the band made their mark and formed a huge fan base, which only consists of scene and emo kids, off the back of it both in the UK and worldwide, they toured the EP through 2007, raping little kids' ears for an entire year. They have just released "before the throne of infection", which is one of the most horrible albums of 2008.

The band have toured with the likes of Suffocation, Despised Icon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Misery Index, Beneath The Massacre, The Acacia Strain, Bloodredthrone, Knights Of The Abyss and have shared the stage with the likes of The Red Chord, From A Second Story Window, Dead To Fall, All That Remains, Ion Dissonance, My Children My Bride, Napalm Death, Raging Speedhorn, Cult Of Luna and many more.

Current line-up:
"Sewer Mouth" Steve Regan (aka The Big Fucking Meat) - Vocals
Jamie "Chinstrap" Sweeny (aka FBD) - Guitar
Sam Dawkins - Guitar
Lyn "320" Jeffs - Drums
"Rasscist" Ross Davey (aka Big Vig) - Bass

Former members:
Al Clayton (aka Mowgli/Smear) - Guitar
Matt - Bass
"Diva" Dan Hasselgoff - Drums

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