• Before I Walk On Fire

    3 Ago 2010, 9:45 de fm014


    sorry that I'm late but yesterday's BBQ was kind of extended :-P
    But anyway I call this...
    I was revisiting A Fine Frenzy and Broken Records some time ago, which was nice. But what stuns me more it the greatness of 3OH!3's "Streets of Gold" album. I'm really into their songs right now. ^^

    Stats? Okay.

    Most played artists:

    > mr.tinoforever : These days this artist is about to enter my overall top 30. I'm wondering where this is going. ^^
    Sometimes I worry about his daily life troubles which he's sharing on the internet, but then again I think he will survive regardless of heavy parties or emotional struggles.

    > Stanfour : Just one side note: I love "Rise and Fall". That album is amazing.

    > Damien Rice : So here's this folk singer/songwriter that is still new to me. I understand why he's listed with the musicians of the "Once" film…