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  • Avatar for Scorpicore
    Was at the acoustic Brittol gig tonight (yesterday). Absolutely awesome and spine-tingling throughout. If you're in any way undecided and have a chance to see her on this tour I recommend it unreservedly.
  • Avatar for kekiku
    She's so good!
  • Avatar for FindTheOrigin - - - - 2015
  • Avatar for korvolol
    Аннеке хорошая
  • Avatar for KellemxD
    You lied, you lied, treat me like a lady then brush me aside
  • Avatar for rodrigocp
    hi, guys! I'm from the fanpage "Anneke van Giersbergen Brasil" and I want to show you the interview we made with Anneke! You can check it on this link (in english):!interview-with-anneke/cbkj :D
  • Avatar for sberjaram
    Annie, sweet annie you sound beautiful as heaven in your new project, Endless Sea is just a masterpiece!
  • Avatar for KamelotFan10
    Great video, Repro. Love Anneke's part in that song.
  • Avatar for Repro
    I filmed Anneke at graspop 2014 with Novembers Doom "What Could Have Been"
  • Avatar for Diogo092
    her voice is incredile
  • Avatar for bieljuca
    One of the most receptive people I've ever met.
  • Avatar for rustandsoul
    An interesting interview with Anneke through MetalSickness --- and
  • Avatar for KamelotFan10
    Come to the US! [2] I'd be there no matter what shameful acts I'd have to do to get there.
  • Avatar for HudinoO
  • Avatar for StaticActs
    Come to the US!
  • Avatar for shafalie
    we live on , make me feel beautiful memories
  • Avatar for WithinBoy
    We Live On <3
  • Avatar for bachankas
    IMO she's the best with Devin, making his work perfect, but solo Anneke is still the most beautiful woman voice in the world.
  • Avatar for rustandsoul
    @Piske: that's why it's called "opinion". Anyway, I like all her solo work even the cover album "Pure Air" and her collaborations with Devin and Danny.
  • Avatar for Piske81
    It seems people have very different opinions on her discography, am I the only one who loves everything she's put out so far?
  • Avatar for MikeTheory
    I love her <3
  • Avatar for johngebreadman
    Anneke is narrowly winning a poll for prog icon of the year, but only by 7 votes, so every one counts. Vote here -
  • Avatar for Dairine_N
    Amazing art!!!
  • Avatar for jtootf
    Thanks for the great show in Kiev!
  • Avatar for ringwraith10
    Her solo music reminds me a lot of [artist]Melissa Auf Der Maur[/artist]'s solo music. Minus the heavy bass, of course. ;)
  • Avatar for kuaczek90
    beautiful cover :)
  • Avatar for rrrrrrrie
    fuck, I'll only be able to listen to her "new" album in a month
  • Avatar for nashguy
    not gonna lie. Some songs of the new album remids me Alanis Morissette
  • Avatar for ramonoth
    Love new album, it makes me so calm. Love Anneke...
  • Avatar for karolcia_1993
    To Mephisto86 : I thinke EiC was diverse. It had some very rocking stuff but also some beautiful atmospheric songs that showed her voice in full glory. Her vocals were strong and interesting (maany wonderful moments, just to mention Stay, Circles or Slow Me Down). If it didn't have some mediocre songs like Take Me Home, it would definitely belong to the highlights of Anneke's career. And you really say that her vocals on Air were bland...? God, I think it's her best album in terms of vocals sinces she left The Gathering. It's just full of incredible stuff, if only her current stuff was this good...
  • Avatar for Inna__Osennyaya
    Няшечка ^^
  • Avatar for karolcia_1993
    I'm surprised at so many positive opinions, and even "this is her best solo album". To me, Drive is a huge disappointment. Besides some better moments (like We Live On, which has awesome vocal lines), the whole album is just sooo repetitive. I wasn't the biggest fan in the world of Everything Is Changing, but that album had at least 2 breathtaking songs that really stand out in whole Anneke's career (Circles + 1000 Miles Away From You) + many very good ones, and it was much more diverse. Drive is just...bland. Nearly every song sounds the same. I hate to say this as Anneke is my favourite female singer in the whole world, but that's the way I feel.
  • Avatar for melodicstanzas
    Her vocals keep getting better and more interesting with each album but EiC is my favorite so far, I just like the songs much more ('Stay', 'My Boy', 'Everything is changing' which all are among my favorites of Anneke's solo career). I also wouldn't agree that 'Treat me like a lady' is a mediocre song, it's among my top3 favorites of 'Drive'. For example, I don't like 'She' because I can't stand that chorus.
  • Avatar for AlvaroFTM
    I just discover her. Take Me Home is my favourite track for now.
  • Avatar for Naldor
    Everything is changing was much better. Drive is ok in its own way, but still lacking something. I think EiC was a better album as a whole but mainly gotta agree with silentsecret here (comment below)
  • Avatar for silentsecret
    Listening to the new album.... Someting that intrigue me is how Anneke manages to produce albums with fantastic songs along with crappy songs. It's not the first time. She needs to calm down a bit! She could have done 1 or 2 fantastic albums by now, but instead she has a lot of medium albums in her discography.
  • Avatar for worldisblack91
    its like a meeental CAAN GOOOĞĞUOOOĞUOOOOOOL
  • Avatar for witheringtime
    She's reached the top with Drive.
  • Avatar for winter_eyed
    Everything Is Changing...MAMMA MIA CHE MERDA
  • Avatar for khayman
    Feels like she's finally discovered her own sound with 'Drive.'
  • Avatar for Sonnycz
    New album is a big dissapointment ..........
  • Avatar for kezir
    Drive is so beautiful album!
  • Avatar for HalloStardust
    I love 'Everything Is Changing' but 'Drive' is even better! ♥
  • Avatar for PsyWaltz
    Catchy (sometimes a little bit too catchy for my taste ;) but powerful. "We Live On" and "Mental Jungle" are awesome.
  • Avatar for bryantheqb
    'Drive' is her best solo album thus far. The first 2 were boring and lazy. This new one is a bit poppy but the right kind. Devin definitely helped her find a balance and her vocals are back in form, sounding both strong and melodic. I feel she was starting to sound too safe and bland. ANNEKE is back! (2)
  • Avatar for neseliol
    mental jungle <3
  • Avatar for johngebreadman
    really loving the new album, can't stop listening to it. In the photobook there's a picture of me getting my profile pic taken, lol
  • Avatar for robboelrobbo
    If I like the new album what else will I like?
  • Avatar for Lanny_Barbi
    отличный альбом
  • Avatar for Dustspell
    Perhaps the 2 best album (The first still it's the best)


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