• Return To Eden

    4 May 2009, 15:44 by Rissan

    Thu 30 Apr – Ultravox

    It took me some time to come up with a review for this concert. It was great to go to London after more than ten years. And during your stay get a change to see one of your favorite bands makes it more special. We arrived in time to have a quick dinner down the road at Fogg. A nice restaurant with a card referring to the travel Phileus Fogg undertook according to Jules Verne’s book Around The World In 80 Days. They’ve got meals from all the continents Philieus Fogg crossed during his trip. You can choose your own courses or decide to take a complete meal.

    When we entered the Roundhouse we were able to get a last soundbit of the support, Anne-Marie Helder, who sounded dreadful. I was glad I had spent the duration of her performance to some quality time in a nice restaurant.

    At a quarter after eight the lights dimmed and Ultravox stepped on stage and took off with Astradyne. From that moment the atmosphere was great. …
  • Mostly Autumn, 29th May, The Brook, Southampton.

    30 May 2008, 16:26 by strickenlament

    Thu 29 May – Mostly Autumn

    Whoa, what a totally stunning gig.

    I got into Mostly Autumn through their female vocalist Heather Findlay appearing on Arjen Lucassen's Ayreon album The Human Equation. I've been to see them once before, on the 14th of April last year up in Rotherham. While they were good then, the sound quality wasn't fantastic.

    This time, after a dramatic line up change , I was really blown away. The atmosphere they can create is simply amazing.

    They began with Fading Colours, from Heart Full Of Sky, which is one of my favourite songs on that album. As soon as I heard the backing track kick in, it sent a shiver down my spine. The band then appeared a couple at a time, finishing with Heather, who looked radiantly beautiful at 5 months pregnant. Next came one of my favourite songs of theirs, Caught in a Fold, which I was very pleased about. After that came two of the songs from their new album, Flowers for Guns and Unoriginal Sin, which both sounded good…
  • Thank you to the finest people I know. (That means you #chat)

    1 Aug 2006, 04:55 by Davie_UCF

    I have gone through a really hard time recently. The past 2 months have been hell but I have got through it thanks to the support of many great people who could have just ignored me.

    Thank you to
    Spicytaco, neoray, btc666, johnli, kiwi_brouhaha,blackwizard, heyluke, Gilaventi, stoertebeker, solus_bellator and darkwolfslayer to name a few!

    Apologies if you aren't listed. Its hard to remember everyone!

    Also thanks to this amazing music which has kept me going..

    Thanks to you guys and the following music, I managed to find inner strength I never knew I had.

    Thanks Fish, Anathema,Serotonal, The Blood Divine, Anne-Marie Helder and Marillion.

    I love you all!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fish - Return to Childhood - 22nd April Southampton

    27 Apr 2006, 16:05 by Davie_UCF

    I had somehow also talked my parents into attending the Fish gig at The Brook, Southampton, being a long drive and it costing a bomb to get public transport all the way down there they used it as an excuse to go out for the day and actually come to the gig which was a suprise, my parents have never been to a gig so I thought it would be a good experiance for them, mainly my mother.

    So the drive down to Southampton took around 3 hours, cutting out the crap of navigating Southampton we made it to the venue.

    The Brook is the tiniest venue I have ever been in, the stage was small along with the ground floor, there is an upstairs where another bar is like a lot of venues but very small being a venue mainly for small acts (Blues and rock)

    My mum being in a wheelchair meant we got to get into the venue 10minutes before the doors opened. This really helped finding a good spot for my mum and making sure she was okay.

    The venue filled up and the support act came on to my suprise…