• Review: Anna Tsuchiya- Cocoon (single)

    5 Feb 2008, 00:12 by ropedancer


    Track List:
    1. cocoon
    2. u
    3. Guys

    I've been a fan of Anna Tsuchiya since I checked out her Taste My Beat mini album. Since then, I've been pretty solid with all of her releases. That was until her first post-Nana single, BUBBLE TRIP / sweet sweet song, which disturbed me. It's not like I'm against Anna trying new styles. I completely supported her other ventures into different music types, but there was something about Bubble Trip single that seemed to be missing the soul that her other songs possessed. She didn't even sound like Anna anymore. Her voice had lost that wonderful, unique texture that sets her apart from other jpop/rock singers. Luckily, her most recent single, cocoon shows Anna getting back to the music that she does best.

    Although not all of Anna's fans have been in love with cocoon, I will admit that it pulled me in from the very first guitar note. Cocoon seems to remember what Bubble Trip and Sweet Sweet Song forgot…