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    10 Aug 2012, 13:43 by Sinnocents

  • UNDER RUINS is born

    7 Jul 2008, 14:10 by Dead_for_Death

    On July, 1st, birthday of new album Ankhagram "Under Ruins". The album includes 7 songs, lenght 61 minutes. "Under Ruins continues begun in album "Neverending Sorrow" subjects of internal mental death, and Doom Metal soundings.

    "Hopelessness and death. Absence any signs of a life of soul, emotions, feelings. The person is buried under ruins of the destroyed life. Hopes, dreams have died. There is nothing. Emptiness. There is no pain. All is lost and gone. Years of sufferings have destroyed all. Hopelessness, emptiness, silence. There was only a grief, melancholy.

    The black-and-white world not shines bright paints, faceless people, empty feelings, words...

    Moral death.
    All is lost and gone under ruins of my life..."

    Lenght: 1:01:28


    01 - Intro
    02 - Quiet and Gone
    03 - Oblivion
    04 - Under Ruins (Part I)
    05 - In Misery
    06 - Under Ruins (part II)
    07 - Outro