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  • Avatar for congratuIations
    avey sounds so hot in this fuck
  • Avatar for leopold_stotch9
    One of their best for sure
  • Avatar for vncvr66
    what would i want
  • Avatar for MellotronY
    tha definitive rainy day music
  • Avatar for kbomb001
    I become this song [4]
  • Avatar for LiamRandolph
    This is so unlike anything AnCo's ever done, yet I couldn't imagine anyone BUT AnCo making a song this good. <3
  • Avatar for antigolf
    I love the sound of Avey's voice on this song.
  • Avatar for AprilSky_
    Why. does. this. make. me. so. happy.
  • Avatar for kvothe_
  • Avatar for AprilSky_
    This is the most uplifting thing in my life.
  • Avatar for Illest_Villain
    I become this song [3]
  • Avatar for EJAY_
    holy moley
  • Avatar for knoxxt
  • Avatar for pokedex-
    I become this song [2]
  • Avatar for jonboycliff
    True bliss in 7/4 time.
  • Avatar for Pampa-Power
    That second half makes me feel warm inside
  • Avatar for TehSpiral
    "You betta give me some money; stop daydreaming, dude!"
  • Avatar for Cheezdude
    when that beat hits it's heavenly
  • Avatar for Illest_Villain
    amazing, my favorite on the ep
  • Avatar for rosaelefant
    good jeans
  • Avatar for YellowyEyes
    I'll have what HayleighRayment is having.
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    forget slimming world cirana Meditation hates schuh;s mother
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    I would want quorum not quark that's a cheese in the Slimming World book
  • Avatar for wiseblood-
    Pretty much the best thing ever
  • Avatar for sco703
    You can't have the sky, but we can.
  • Avatar for Chris-Blitz
    I'm in love with this song.
  • Avatar for Scrotumzz
    Listening to this song gives me a contact high
  • Avatar for GaaraGOinMusic1
    @UndewaterBOY42 is a nice sample of Grateful Dead, at my first time just like you i thought is Chris Martin, but is from a song called Unbroken Chain
  • Avatar for rhinowing
    I believe Phil Lesh actually sings on Unbroken Chain
  • Avatar for BruceLovesTacos
    No UndewaterBOY42, I believe it is Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead.
  • Avatar for UndewaterBOY42
    is that Chris Martin (Coldplay) saying "Waht Would I Want? Sky"?
  • Avatar for gloraenautical
  • Avatar for BruceLovesTacos
    I become this song.
  • Avatar for radioheadindie
    good dreaamsss ♥
  • Avatar for Orjanne
    this song made ​​me love AC [2]
  • Avatar for rhinowing
    this was unbelievable at bonnaroo
  • Avatar for profoundlypaige
  • Avatar for sebmartella
    I'M SO OLD.
  • Avatar for wwwathlete
  • Avatar for Poopmuffin
    Blue dreams
  • Avatar for XSeanybOiX
    Good deeds
  • Avatar for spiritbouleau
    definitely my fav, everything is perfect here, especially lyrics
  • Avatar for cruxis107
    Is it possible to love a song twice?
  • Avatar for GreenKamo
    Great song
  • Avatar for ShuyinArg
    Right here one of the best samples ever! awesome
  • Avatar for Cheeser341
    This song is fucking amazing.
  • Avatar for reece_sim
    Probably my favourite Animal Collective song. And there are many great AC songs.
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Fa
  • Avatar for rella987
    when i push play and I know my mind is about to be transported to a different setting than my body
  • Avatar for Kining
    187 scroblings since nov19th09, the song gets better each time. GOOD DREAMS, GOOD DREAMS, GOOD DREAMS, GOOD DREAMS, GOOD DREAAAAMS GOOD DREAAAAMS.... <3


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