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  • Avatar for dguzzo
    this is a good song to listen to when you want to hear a good song about a good dog.
  • Avatar for jordanblach
    Don't know why this didn't immediately grab me, now it's one of my favorites of theirs
  • Avatar for PFGrifter
    this is a good segue into "count on me" by panda
  • Avatar for TriptheLight
    amazing how after all these years i still hear other sounds i never did. my shitty headphones made em more audible. nice
  • Avatar for Cosm01
  • Avatar for Blvd_Nights
    always think of my dog, and all other dogs I knew that are now gone when this track comes on. [2] RIP Gabby <3
  • Avatar for jinzou
    hello folks.. this is the coolest song from a dad to his baby..
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    what Vampire Weekend wanted to sound like but could never succeed at.
  • Avatar for AcidAmmo
    rip dog. i miss you
  • Avatar for maccrash
    last two songs on this album are a couple of the best AC has ever done
  • Avatar for maledin
  • Avatar for CinnamonOranges
    Fresh and heart-warming <3
  • Avatar for stevenbconrad
    I always think of my dog, and all other dogs I knew that are now gone when this track comes on. RIP Holly!
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
  • Avatar for shoelessthunder
    man, this is just the best song.
  • Avatar for fangtastic_
    scooby doosdlgj salgjk;nsh
  • Avatar for tyuig64
    I love this one, but I feel like Cuckoo Cuckoo would've made a better closer, personally.
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    So many feels for the dog. ;_;
  • Avatar for BurningBright29
    Love love love this song
  • Avatar for doctaphil9
    What Derek to name a song "balls".
  • Avatar for IEatPoison
    My name is title of this song.
  • Avatar for bradmatic
    I like this way too much.
  • Avatar for imfelinegood
    i get so into this song
  • Avatar for AKidBear
    perfection. has anyone tried to sing this? getting enough breath through that second part is very difficult. good work, noah.
  • Avatar for kimsy
    i love
  • Avatar for dSquib
    What balls to name a song "Derek".
  • Avatar for folkingles
    person pitch feelings
  • Avatar for inparentheses
    scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo
  • Avatar for Oudo64
    Godly song
  • Avatar for dfalc
    this album's where the Lennon/McCartney distinction between Panda Bear tracks and Avey Tare tracks became REALLY apparent to me. case in point.
  • Avatar for AlbatrossinComa
    has anyone seen the ad where this song is used its for a clean energy project. I caught it on hulu
  • Avatar for baudass
    ok, it got good ok finally.
  • Avatar for laynelmikesell
    A band that just makes you feel like you're living in your own imagination!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Starless_night
    the drums on this sound really good.
  • Avatar for ColorMePink333
    So I've been clicking through shuffle, not too impressed. then this comes on and makes it all worth it...
  • Avatar for realcuts
    solo loro sanno fare una canzone su un cane e farla così io vi amo infinitamente
  • Avatar for master-pony
  • Avatar for brightfuture666
    great track no doubt
  • Avatar for johnny-mnemonic
    I wonder if it is a hidden reference/homage to aavikko ... probably not though
  • Avatar for aaronkeogh
    180 south
  • Avatar for unichrist
    this song is about his dog. I love this song. do the worm to this song. I swear just do it. Do the worm when the drums kick in!
  • Avatar for kuchc1k
    ultimate winter travel song
  • Avatar for youremyfavorite
  • Avatar for fairyanne
    this song makes my face go all ^_^.
  • Avatar for TheMonarch1
    I think I'm underwater.
  • Avatar for JohnnyFaceLeg
    This song wins hugely.
  • Avatar for chinneths
  • Avatar for MilesPeyton
    @FlowKingHippo Aw...
  • Avatar for DearSun
  • Avatar for ostrich54321
    what do you what do you what do you what do you what do you what do you what do you what do you [2] ...this is Dave's album, but Noah almost steals it with this last tune. what a closer. one of the best, without a doubt.


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