• Folk music meets Wham! for Christmas

    18 Dec 2014, 16:38 by Eyoki

    Wed 17 Dec – Bella Hardy:

    I love Bella Hardy's music especially songs like Labyrinth and Herring Girl, but had never had the chance to hear her live until last night when she performed at St Pancras Old Church as part of her 'Christmas Tour'. This is a lovely old church although i wasn't convinced of the acoustics: Bella sounded lovely when she was singing softly but as the volume increased there was a harshness about the sound which made her voice sound more nasal than it should.

    The set list was eclectic: favourites like the afore mentioned Herring Girl along with new compositions (a song about WWI and one about childhood and Queen Elizabeth the First!) and Christmas pop hits. Her version of Wham's "Last Christmas" was rather brilliant but some of the others were a bit karaoke.

    I really liked the two musicians accompanying her: Anna Massey on acoustic guitar and Angus Lyon on keyboards, accordeon and... xylophone (or is the metal one a glockenspiel?). …