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Progressive Death Metal Band from Georgia, Tbilisi

In year 2001 Angel Of Disease gave it's first concert at the "Home of Composers" in Tbilisi. From this day the band oficially began its existence in the Georgian metal scene. Original style of the band can be described as Death Metal with elements of Grind, at that time they drew inspiration from Morbid Angel & Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Death, from mad heavy metal riffs and low growl. They write music similar to the of our idol, doing so without looking to the future and not thinking about records. Just playing, trying to do something, but similar to what inspired us and we loved.

Original members of Angel Of Disease were:
Lev Azatyan - Drums
Andrew Azatyan - Guitar
Michael Kizakyan - Bass
Igor Galichan - Vocals

Later, Igor Galichan left the band, due to leaving the country. The session vocalist place then took David Gogoladze, while a decline in their musical life.
The following person, which took place in the band ones and forever, was Sergi Shengelia (Mortyrium). They are united by a common love of music of Chuck Schuldiner.
In autumn 2003, the band had enough material so they played at a concert dedicated to the memory of Chuck Schuldiner. On that day the band received its second birth.
In 2004 Angel Of Disease began recording their debut album "Broken Melody", which was finished in the spring 2005.

At that time Angel of Disease was:
Lev Azatyan - Drums
Andrew Azatyan - Guitar
Michael Kizakyan - Bass
Sergi Shengelia - Vocals, Guitar

In 2005, Michal Kizakyan was dismissed from the band. Work no longer left him time for rehearsal, however, he played at some concerts, but the band had to look for a replacement of the Bass.
They were rehearsing without bass, until George Zautashvili came to their life. This guy for them was the best specimen. Perhaps he was born to play with Angel of Disease.

At that moment they began to play with a new member, they were more that satisfied with their deeds, had gathered enough material for a new album, and in early 2007 began recording the album "Hypercube". This record continues to this day, they decided not to hurry and make this album perfect in all ways. The studios had been rejected and forgotten, the studios of Tbilisi didn't match the music quality they wanted to reach. They began to learn everything concerning recording theirselves, started from scratch, researching and recording all the nuances, trying to imagine all the chips, collecting and recording equipment and rewrite the material in search of the desired sound.
New songs was reached suck difficulity of playing the guitar and vocal parts in the performance at concerts, that they started to think about a new vocalist, who withdrew the load of Sergi Shengelia. After long and unsucsessful search their help came as an old friend at the music shop, Dmitry Kiladze (Chronic Hate). He was not engaged with anything at that moment so had accepted their offer with delight.
Now again Angel of Disease have some changes for the better for the band. The first test held on 26 September 2008 on Highland Metal-Fest in Yerevan, Armenia, where they were playing on the stage with their style-colleagues - the Italian band Sadist.
Dmitry (Lord Saqo), immediately joined the band and became its "integral" part, from the first rehearsal with him, their sound became more strong and aggressive, so as their playing. Party became much stronger and it was noticed by all.

Now Angel of Disease are:

Lev Azatyan - Drums
Andrew Azatyan - Guitar
Sergi Shengelia - Guitar, Back Vocals
George Zautashvili - Bass
Dmitry Kiladze (Lord Saqo) - Vocals

Band's new album "Hypercube" is out now!
It has realised at October 10th, 2009 and you can get it in some musical shops of Tbilisi, Georgia.

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