• Ane Brun at MoldeJazz 2008

    17 Jul 2008, 12:38 by Terje1985

    So, Ane Brun played at MoldeJazz yesterday, and as a fairly big fan, I was obviously there. Before the concert started I felt some trepidation, as it was a double concert, where both Ane Brun and Patti Smith would play the same stage the same evening, pretty much one just after the other, and I feared that if Patti Smith were to play first, Ane Brun would have one hell of a job to top Patti.

    Luckily, the festival people aren't utter fools, so Ane got to play first. Unfortunately, the weather was rather shitty, with a cold wind coming in from the North Sea to the west, blowing with it quite a lot of rain. Additionally, the stage at Romsdalsmuseet was somewhat too big for her, as her songs fit much better on more intimate stages. I imagine that Bjørnsonhuset or the basement of Kulturhuset would have fit her better, but there it was. She's currently one of Norway's most famous and best-selling musicians, so MoldeJazz has had her as one of their main attractions.

  • yeah.

    22 Sep 2006, 09:48 by platesjappe

    So... finding out about this place might take me a while but ill make it work!

    But list some of my favorites here right now, so that I at least have started somewhere.

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