• How I discovered my top 15 artists.

    25 Oct 2011, 20:54 by Toukey

    I should really be doing my university assignments, but I get so easily distracted and here I find myself writing a journal. I need to focus! After this, after this. Basically, I thought I would write a little journal on how I discovered my top 15 artists (by plays) on last.fm. Pretty much because I thought it would be interesting and because I want to.

    The Birthday Massacre (1,955 plays)
    Discovered while dossing in college back in the middle of 2010. Me and my friend (cassidy_akira) were in the library, on the computers and watching videos on YouTube. After watching an AMV, another video titled The Birthday Massacre MEP was listed in the related section at the side. So I clicked on that and the rest is history. This is the video.

    Nightwish (1,586 plays)
    This is going back quite some time, many, many years ago. I most likely discovered Nightwish through music channels on televison or just the internet in general.

    Crystal Castles (1,396 plays)